Blackberry Smoke and Horse with No Name

September 10, 2018
Jeri James Music

September 10, 2018

Monday Morning Re-Cap

Good Morning! This is Jeri James , with Red Dirt Roots Radio! I thank you for tuning in to the Little Station that could. We are  broadcasting out of the beautiful and great Northwest, compliments of The James Family and friends of this station! 

We are playing Real Texas Country, Red Dirt with Roots, running deep in the heart of the Long Horn state. Not only are these tunes spinning in Texas, but all over the country and well into Canada.

It is Monday, and I hope you have your coffee on, to help you get rid of your “Tall City Blues”.  Just as Flatland Calvary would sing it: and they don’t care “if your collar is white or blue!”  These Humble folks are still draining glasses and making toasts! We too, join them, with coffee in hand; on a rainy Monday, here in Oregon. 

 I’ve got the Morning Cup Re-Cap and the Low Down on some of the best music around!

You may have heard of the gritty  Atlanta Quintet band, Blackberry Smoke. These guys are singing songs like ‘Sunrise in Texas.’  As the sounds resonate, you wonder  what exactly it would it take  to get yourself a well established band and vocals. Try “thousands of miles abroad America’s highways, and “Always being on the move.” 

If you purchase any number of Blackberry albums , you may be curious about how  they create so many authentic, original tunes . Let’s dig a little deeper into their thinking process.

According to  a couple of these well seasoned writers collaborated together and found common enough ground to agree, saying, “We both led wild lives throughout our 20’s and some of our 30’s, doing similar types of bad things… And we laugh about it now. We were talking about writing a song about that idea. Who he is now, and what he might have learned, and maybe what he didn’t. The yin and the yang of the young and old man” they say.

As a radio DJ, following multiple bands, I peek around at show schedules. If I’m not mistaken these are the guys that play like a 150 shows per year, and have been over the road for a good 20 years. Any 2018 production from this terrific band, would be wise to add to your collection. If you’re behind on great artists like these, I’ll bring you up to speed! Have no worry, fear or tear; because these guys- show no signs of stopping!

From the Old Melody Wardrobe ; I shake the dust off of  a 1972 classic rock production, Horse With no name. I was rummaging through the Archives like usual and I came across a clip of AJ,  singing accapella, on this old Desert tune. 

Here is  what I want to know: Do you ever wonder about the story behind a song? Well, I sure do. Some things just get stuck in my head from when I was little. I always tried to picture what they were singing about. I could see a horse standing next to it’s owner and the owner not being affectionate enough to name the poor animal.

It’s easy to completely forget an event, a person , or a thought; but when prompted with an old tune, memories from that time era will also flood back in. One such memory, took place in the back of an ugly, V8 station wagon from the 80’s. Dad played KLSY continuously as I looked out the window and counted telephone poles. We were always on our way down town, to the Capital Restaurant . I can never recall how many poles I counted, nor fathom the amount of coffee my Dad drank at this cafe. Shelton, Washington; blink and you’ll miss it.  He spent many a rainy morning at his “work desk” in The Capital, filling notebooks with his wonderful, musical, writing. Growing up in that little town, I  heard songs that stuck and continue to  whirl around my imagination to this day.

Perhaps that is  why I still love radio so much. In my mind I didn’t need a tune to  bear much fact; as long as it left me with a colorful picture to ponder . Besides, “In the desert you can’t remember your name!” And could you ever forget a melody like that. Not me, and that’s the hook on  the Airforce brats originating out of the Uk , yet named America.  

When it’s heads or “tales” on a band; be sure to stick to heads or you could end up on the back side of  assuming! You know what that does to you and me- AND a Kansas City radio station! This song was  banned! Because they assumed  Horse with No Name was making reference to Heroin or drug Use. The guys defended themselves on saying “It just felt good to escape the every day life in the city. Loving nature brought up familiar thought of the desert life. “

And there you have it. This has been another edition of the Morning Cup Re-Cap and I thank you for tuning in to The Little Station That Could. 

I want to remind you, tomorrow: you have a meeting to attend, if you’re listening to this station! Yep, that’s right, we go to meetings around here and one of the ways we deal with our negativity is by letting it go away with the tears that fall into coffee cups!  On Tuesday mornings, we listen  to sad, sad, tunes on the Dirt Hurt Show. Beginning at 5 am; you can get all your crying and belly aching out with classic  wailing tunes from Hank, Willy, and Cash and everything up to Modern 2018 Country…that’s music therapy , happening tomorrow on the Morning Cup, Dirt Hurt Tuesday with me JJ!

Be sure to tune in and share us if you like! 

Thank you, And have a great day!


(Jeri James, Morning Cup and Red Dirt Host and Owner)

Riding the Wave!

November 1, 2016
Jeri James Music

Things have REALLY gotten busy here at Red Dirt Roots Radio. We are growing extremely fast….and we LOVE it!

The Drive Time Show is now just called…The 5 O’Clock show….duh…with Jimmy E. and a different guest co-hosts from time to time. Our first show with Jimmy E. and Tammi D. was a HUGE success! (There is a possibility of making Tammi a weekly regular…in between her Roller Derby stuff that is!)

Tuesday was also the first day of using the new equipment in the new studio set up. It worked GREAT and felt great.

Sun Goin’ Down in Texas with Dave Collins and Jaime Bob Thornton continues to be our top listened to show, followed very close by the Red Dirt Roots Music News with Joshua Claussen.

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new show that will start airing VERY soon called “Cowboy Up” with Matt Dupont. We are very excited to have Matt as part of the RDRR team.

We would also like to give some props to our “On The Road Correspondent” Linsey Ray Vaughn. She was able to set up an interview with JB and the Moonshine Band as well as the opportunity to broadcast live from the White Elephant at The Stockyards in Fort Worth. You can view the video of the interview on the Red Dirt Roots Facebook page.  GREAT job Linsey!

There will be more news coming soon. Y’all stay tuned and tell your friends!

Thanks for listening to Red Dirt Roots Radio!


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