Red Dirt Basics

So far…since Friday…I am about 9 hours of commentary, into a new series I’m putting together to showcase some of the best Country Red Dirt music You’ve ever heard!

I’m from Oregon and I started studying Red Dirt Musicians when my own music began spinning out of Conroe Texas on a powerful little Red Dirt Webcast called Red Dirt Roots Radio.

A man by the name of Jimmy Eldridge along with his friend Joel Johnson from American Crossroads Radio began a webcast to preserve our heritage and COUNTRY ROOTS MUSIC as well as shine the honors on many a hard working, independent group of musicians. Whether covered by a label currently or not; these folks DID NOT start out that way and have no illusion—

-generally speaking, whether you, yourself are a fantastic musician or not— YOU won’t be an overnight success either! BUT DON’T GIVE UP!





-Don’t forget your roots !


Jeri James

1. Aaron Watson

2. Cody Jinks

3. Adam Hood

4. Blake Reid

5. Shovelin Stone *new

6. Ryan Bingham

7. Whiskey Myers

8. Zane Williams

9. Flatland Cavalry

10. Shane Smith & the Saints

11. Travis Meadows

12. Cody Johnson

13. Tyler Childers

14. Troy Cartwright

15. Kayla Ray

16. Jason Eady

17. Courtney Patton

18. Red Shahan

19. Reverend’s Daughter

20. Brandon Jenkins

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Photo and Graphics; Brian and Jeri James