I would like to Welcome Hood Co Swagger to the Tech Support Team with Red Dirt Roots Radio.  Hoody has been a faithful supporter of Indie artists since day One of this operation and continues to encourage and spread the word through social media as well as word of mouth regarding up and coming talent and including those aspiring to be “someone someday ” as Travis Tritt would so eloquently  sing it.

Topic: Music…Subject: Music …In favor first: Hood Co Swagger …doing what? Why of course; shouting Hallelujah; bursting forth with Cartwheels all the way down the isle ; center stage ; high on Melody alone; In fact so high,  the ceiling can’t hold him.  Hoody keeps a positive outlook on life and holds a standard in customer service irreplaceable and valuable to this station. Welcome aboard Hoody, even though you’ve been with us all along.

Josh Vincent not only served his community for nearly 19 years as a police officer but he extends his service abroad through his giving and pro active awareness campaigns to protect the well being of all children. “When the Babies Cry” was a music single designed  by Josh dedicating all proceeds to prevent child abuse and provide support to victims . Josh will be the new Red Dirts Live Music Rep out of Texas for this specific station. Looking forward to an emerging work designed to promote artists and the venues that host them as well as this radio station in favor of the under dog, the over achiever, and every countrified red dirt digging , back yard hound-

All together now… So be it and the people said Amen.

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