Is this a new thing? Nope…Red Dirt music has been around for a good 30 years or more. The actual term “Red Dirt” Country began in Still Water Oklahoma in a 5 bedroom farm house near a college where many talented friends got together for jam sessions. Songwriting and string picking, talent unhinged and what do you call it? Cajun, country, blues, soul, rock? Yikes. They took a look around for the icon and come to mind was a bit a strength right out of the red dirt; copper and iron should do it. There ya have a name to back porch pickin’ , campfire singing and respect for an awesome capture. THAT is the origin of Red Dirt. Just talk to the Red Dirt Rangers and they’ll tell ya all about it…they were there and they came up with the term.

So tell me why is this station broadcasting out of the Great North West now if it’s roots belong in Oklahoma and the majority of the music is from Texas? Well, who said what? Really!  Demographics or actual red dirt in the physical can be found in more than one part of the earth. Not to mention the attitude is quite contagious. It comes down to an unquenchable desire for REAL . It’s taking what is going on behind the scenes and shining the light on natural capture. It’s not raw in the awkward or distasteful sense…but it’s not overdone, over produced, or over decorated. It’s simple. Honoring roots.

No matter where ya are, there ya are. That’s  what mama told me and I’m starting to believe I was Red Dirt from the Get go and Red Dirt I will remain.

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