20245425_272904149857835_4847394836114330993_ndj/host/owner of reddirtrootsradio      JERI JAMES aka ‘JJ’


This station is brought to you courtesy of the James Family out the beautiful state of Oregon.

I’ve heard it said “sometimes you have to crawl before you walk.” It takes a hand willing to labor for the trade, investors and believers together; faith accompanied by works. The station was founded under Jimmy Eldridge of Conroe, Texas and later ownership was transferred to Jeri James out of the Great North West. Much of a task at hand to keep these musicians on the air and worth every effort!!!

The station began with a passion for country music and the torch has been passed in that same light. Let us however, not forget, it is indeed investor’s like A. Alico , Independent Author of America’s 84 Street Boys that helped to keep the doors open and funding the Red Dirt  project. Thank you to Brian James Family for your continued support and investment behind the scenes towards equipment and software, licensing and ongoing expenses; a huge investment and not possible without your contribution. A huge thank you to Bill Lundun of KPNW; advisor and friend on so many levels. This station is alive because of folks like you and last but certainly not least, ALL THE TREMENDOUS TALENT and Artists sending MP3’s and .Wav files to JJ at reddirtrootsradio@gmail.com with special permission and requests for rotation; you are keeping fans on the edge of their seats and wanting more great music!!!


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