Passion in the Poetry

January 7, 2022
Jeri James Music

by Jeri James

I can’t leave it if I try. I’m hopelessly addicted to the phrases, the stanza’s, the rhyme.

I want to feel things. I want to write about it. I want to assign a melody to a theme. I have tried to hang it up and walk away. I needed to focus on logic and general management. I felt that the art was a stumbling block. I felt that it was a detour, a childish toy. I screamed at it. I tried to scare it off. No more scraps…no more attention…NO. MORE.

I woke up from that bad dream , only to find the music and poetry lying faithfully, loyally at my feet. Like a guardian. Like an assignment. I knew I could never scare this stray away. The art is bigger than I am. If I cop an attitude, it will turn its very back on me and stonewall me for a half a night. If I’m prideful, the poetry will throw a root wad under my step and break my stride. If I am contrite and careful…if I am hopeful…my wild lyric will return and happen along the supernatural fence line. I hold out a gentle palm and the art will nibble at my finger tips. I remove my shoes and music leads me along a chattering brook, filled with clues to my next song.

I am a song writer and a story teller . For that proclamation, I will choose to embrace any gift in me for the betterment of others. I choose this day, a grateful heart and expectancy. I pray my pen produces food for your smile, sparkles for your eyes, and the heart of imagination; to even to the most bland and mundane sort .

No Morning Cup Re-Cap today

November 26, 2018
Jeri James Music

A bit under the weather perhaps to put it mildly. The Morning Cup was barely scooting along all 3 hours with One Dee jay and no back up for sick days. So, Unfortunately, there will be no Re-Cap for those of you following but we will keep you in the loop as we journey along through this week with a modified schedule based on resources. Stay tuned for continued great music on !

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

September 13, 2018
Jeri James Music

The Little Station that Could

September 13, 2018

Do you still call him Darlin ? Does he still call you babe? Well I hope so because in a life where you work out ; That’ll  be  the ticket to happiness. (According to a tremendous band you may love and follow) Flatland Calvery. 

And do you call it country , southern rock or blues? How about Americana? Yep it is not only the cheapest coffee on the menu but music wise ,  it’s the accompaniment to some of the best country around! 

Thats the kind of Red Dirt we are all into around here! It’s not over produced and cluttered, you can hear the words and get your senses ignited! 

Speaking of story, have I got one for you! Ladies , how would you like to have your hubby managing you when it comes to your work ? Well, it might be a pill to swollow for some of you but also could  be just what you need to add the cutting edge to your already talented perspective. When held to flame;  a sooty coal can blossom into a diamond and thats the story of the Gibbonsens. 

Head on over to the  this duo is driving Americana! Yep Brandon Loves his Jackie. The text  says he whipped her into shape and became her management . I wonder if he might argue by now and claim that her melodic voice and beauty truly reeled him in from the get go.

Either way, this pair is making their mark together as they venture out creating new Americana music for our endearment. Wait a go you too. Your love is a bonfire reaching skies country wide! 

JJ’s Coffee n’ Thoughts + music straight out of the Red Dirt: Interesting morning in studio.

Had a great time listening to Real Country, Southern Rock, & Americana. Nothing new there, but a fly -flew-in. Wouldn’t you know, it’s what they do! They start wars and rumors of wars and after about an hour and 40 minutes of that “buzz”, a fly swatter was finally delivered to me and that was the end of the story! Not to mention I took some of the paint off the wall. Certain things in life were designed to annoy and there is nothing lovely about these seething, little germs.

Camera troubles ? check.

A muted mic. Check.

It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can run, but you can’t hide on social media LIVE. Enjoy the reCap with me faking to make this happen but never the less, Nothing new under the sun and no matter where ya are…there ya are…At least that’s what my mama told me and she said she loved me all the way down to her boogety shoes so that’s a good thought to land on , and …I aint no fly! But I am hoping you can pick and glean from outstanding tunes and take what you can get for a little vision each day. “Thinkin’ Man’s Music” May all your senses be ignited and set your feet to dancing ! With love, from the Little studio that Could. -JJ

October Rose Music The Gibbonses Flatland Cavalry

The Little Station that could…

June 26, 2017
Jeri James Music

There will always be the Shadow of doubt without effort…

But it takes some character to “Shine on Rainy Days” As Brent Cobb might put it.

It starts with an idea. An idea turns into an action; an action turns into a creation; a creation produces more economy, more ideas, more fruitfulness.

Or it flops. It fails to produce…fails to grow; fails to thrive.

I’m not one to suffer long if I have a choice…I’m committed to try new things, to venture out to make things work or change course.

However, I believe in the future of this station.

If you would like to partner together with this station, please consider advertising with us!

Donations are awesome if you would like to help as well …

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Thank you!

Jeri James

Station Owner/host/dj



Remind Me Why?

March 29, 2017
Jeri James Music

1684311005226713Choose your hard…You know that humbling feeling of not being able to get ahead of the rat race? I had a few too many of those days with trials I felt were over my head. Yet our little hearts can handle more than we think they can as long as we remember to BREATHE!!!

Babies have a recovery rate much greater and  faster than adults! Just visit the cardiac ward and talk with the nurses and doctors on staff and they’ll tell ya how tough those kids are! They say adults take longer to recover because we feel sorry for ourselves!!! I believe it! I feel very sorry for myself when I’m simply having computer problems!

 They’ll always be something to complain about. They’ll always be the idea of not enough or too much. The art of contentment is the goal here. To get to a point of not just “getting by” but rather “tapping in” . Tapping in to the riches of character. The character in others around you…taking time to stop and hear a story…to consider…to listen…to open up and stop the rat race of life…the shallow treading in familiar water or… the deeper we dig in a monotonous rut. So it is; ya step out…ya dream big…you go for it and when you’re tired; just remember…the pursuit of happiness is a blessing—– not a right! Hard work may or may not pay off when ya want it to but ya do whatcha gotta do and there’s contentment in knowing ya did just that with all ya had to give…tears, sweat, work and little to show for sometimes…It’s alright…you’re where you need to be in all that. So keep on keepin’ on!!!

Jeri James

Morning Cup with JJ

March 27, 2017
Jeri James Music


Hey there! JJ with Red Dirt Roots Radio right here! I’m having fun at the station getting to know the ropes! Now that some of the basic software comprehension is out of the way, I am able to broadcast live with you! In case ya haven’t caught me yet; please make arrangements to do so! Grab your coffee and wake up Monday-Friday with some excellent Red Dirt Tunes and I’ll do my best to keep you semi-awake and possibly entertained at that!!!

5a.m-8a.m Pacific

7a.m-10a.m. CST

8a.m-11a.m ET

P.S. Thanks for tuning in!!!

The Times They Are a Changing

March 13, 2017
Jeri James Music

Howdy Y’all! A few months back I realized that Red Dirt Roots Radio was starting to suffer a bit because I had become way too busy and was unable to dedicate the time required to continue in the day to day operations. This all happened about the same time that Joshua Claussen decided to leave and we brought in Jeri James to fill his spot.

It didn’t take long after getting Jeri involved with us that I realized she was the one who needed to be the new Chief at Red Dirt Roots Radio.

She has the drive and the unwavering passion for Red Dirt Country Music and TRUE Country Music in general.

So…y’all give her your support and tell her howdy when you get the chance.

I will still be around a bit as host of the Real Country Countdown.

Y’all be good!

Jimmy E.

Beginning Saturday, February 18th, We will begin airing the Red Dirt Country Countdown hosted by our very own Jimmy Eldridge.

The Red Dirt Country Countdown will air Saturday’s at 10am & Sunday’s at 6pm.

Don’t miss this Great New addition to the Red Dirt Roots Radio lineup.


Red Dirt Country Countdown hosted by: Jimmy Eldridge

Welcome Jeri James

January 6, 2017
Jeri James Music

We would like to welcome our friend Jeri James to the Red Dirt Roots Radio crew. Jeri will a host for the Red Dirt Roots Music News segments.

We know that filling in the shoes of our buddy Joshua Claussen isn’t easy, but Jeri has already show that she can hold her own.

Welcome aboard Jeri!


Jeri James / Red Dirt Roots Music News

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