Rocket Man is 70ish!

April 1, 2019
Jeri James Music

BandtalkwithJJThis week on Band Talk with JJ we explore five Red Dirt Country Artists and dip down to the gritty, Classic Roots of the Past with Guy Clark. Cody Jinks started out in a Bar Room with just a few chords and friends  and ended up 21,000 Flocker fans and counting. Adam Hood writes his tunes, plays them too , and keeps his family life in check with love and gratitude for the ones standing behind him in all of his musical endeavors.

Travis Meadows works out the  issues through day to day living and teaching all of us to be ok with who we are and through his lyrics , we glean an understanding of what it is  to “keep it together while we fall apart.”

We visit the South Side of Heaven and find an air stream trailer with a young man by the name of Ryan Bingham. There he  searches  his heart and soul for the right  melodies and words from songs like The Weary King  that might even set the captive free.

Tuesday, at 12:30pm Pacific, we’ll go LIVE on for some Band Talk with the actual artist Adam Hood. On Thursday, we we will meet a brand new Red Dirt Artist from East Texas by the name of Marshall Purvis. Stay in the loop on social Media! @grittyredguitar on fb , reddirtrootstx on and reddirtrootsradio on Insta.

Hope your week is great and I ain’t even lying! (No April Fools)


-Jeri James


Hi Ho Rita!

March 23, 2019
Jeri James Music

This week in the Red Dirt, have we got a treat for you my friend, listeners,  fans of Real Country!

                          Hi Ho Rita!

He’s Singin’ “My Senorita ! “

It’s the  fiercely independent and hard working husband, Father, and man of music Jordan Robert Kirk. Along with the emerging and North West touring Brent Lowry singing That’s Life and need I say more, with Mirror Mirror on the wall, Tuggin’  on your Heartstrings Randy King! The Steel Woods released their sophomore Album and if you’re not moved by a Southern Accent, sliding into Home base;  is none other than  the legendary Merle Haggard. Are the good times really over for good?

I think not.

Country Music is waking up with vision renewed.

Catch this 1 hour commentary with Jeri James talking to  the musicians over a recorded line, with the artist as they stop by to talk about their journey on the musical road. The first broadcast will begin tonight at 7pm Pacific and will then rebroadcast there after, until next Saturday, three times per day! 8am, 12pm, and 6pm on

Spread the word on real country with a Red Dirt State of mind!!!

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