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December 7, 2016

Ok…so we have been promising updates and we have given a few…and we are still working on a few more surprises to come in the near future.


We premiered a new show called On The Road hosted by Jimmy Eldridge which airs on Sunday’s at 6pm CST and re-air on Wednesday evenings right after the 6pm Red Dirt Roots Music News. On The Road will feature Artist Interviews, New Music Spotlights, Conversation about the Music Scene and more.

Texas Blue Warrant Radio Show is hosted by Knot Johnny Cash and airs on Thursday’s at 8pm CST. Texas Blue Warrant Radio Show will feature Rebel, Outlaw, Hellbilly and Fringe Red Dirt Music.

Sun Goin’ Down in Texas w/ Dave Collins & Jaime Bob Thornton is back on Tuesday nights at 8pm CST. Dave and Jaime talk about suburbia life and play some great music.

Stay tuned for more updates coming in the very near future.

Thank you for listening to RedDirtRootsRadio.com

Texas Blue Warrant Show

December 1, 2016

The Texas Blue Warrant Show hosted by Knot Johnny Cash, will air on Thursdays at 8pm CST beginning December 8th.

The Texas Blue Warrant Show will be a 2 hour show promoting the Rebel, Hellbilly, Outlaw, Texas Red Dirt Country Music Scene.

So…if you like Outlaw music…you don’t want to miss this show!

Texas Blue Warrant Show

Thursdays @8pm CST.

Only on RedDirtRootsRadio.com


Knot Johnny Cash / Texas Blue Warrant Show


Changes Are Coming!

November 25, 2016

First let me say that we so appreciate y’alls support so much! YOU are the reason we do this!

Change is never easy…but sometimes it is necessary for growth, and Red Dirt Roots Radio has been growing at a very rapid pace…and we LOVE it!

So…please stay tuned, buckle your seat belts, and enjoy the ride!

Be sure to follow this Blog and share us with your friends so they too can keep up with all that’s happening!

More later!



Country Music Has a Change of Address

November 5, 2016

A popular phrase among aspiring country artists years ago used to be “Nashville or Bust” Nowadays this seems to no longer be the sentiment with True Country artists. Those that long for and love the tradition that exists in Good Timin’, Honky Tonkin’, Toe Tappin’, Two Steppin’, Southern Fried, Rockin’ Country Roots Music know that the Red Dirt Region is now its primary residence.

It’s no longer Nashville or Bust…but…Nashville IS Bust!

If anything, the 50th CMA’s should be evidence in fact of this.

The decision of record execs to force their Pop Infused Version of Country Music down the throats of Country Fans is unsettling to say the least. Not just with “Traditional” Country Music fans…but with Many Nashville Artists as well! The look on some of these artists faces when execs dance out Beyoncé with the Dixie Chicks speaks volumes.

Beyoncé Gate has so enraged some Country fans to the point of saying, ‘Country Music is Dead’! As I was reading this very thought on a thread on Facebook, I couldn’t help but respond, “Country Music is not dead….it has simply changed it’s address!”

Red Dirt Country is gaining ground and it’s artist representation are reaping the benefits. One need only look at the success of Cody Jinks, Cody Johnson and many others like them. So much so that Rolling Stone Magazine has taken notice and has featured articles on them and the growing Red Dirt Music trend.

So….keep up the great work Red Dirt Music Artists. Keep making GREAT music and RedDirtRootsRadio.com and other stations like us, will continue to play it!

Riding the Wave!

November 1, 2016

Things have REALLY gotten busy here at Red Dirt Roots Radio. We are growing extremely fast….and we LOVE it!

The Drive Time Show is now just called…The 5 O’Clock show….duh…with Jimmy E. and a different guest co-hosts from time to time. Our first show with Jimmy E. and Tammi D. was a HUGE success! (There is a possibility of making Tammi a weekly regular…in between her Roller Derby stuff that is!)

Tuesday was also the first day of using the new equipment in the new studio set up. It worked GREAT and felt great.

Sun Goin’ Down in Texas with Dave Collins and Jaime Bob Thornton continues to be our top listened to show, followed very close by the Red Dirt Roots Music News with Joshua Claussen.

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new show that will start airing VERY soon called “Cowboy Up” with Matt Dupont. We are very excited to have Matt as part of the RDRR team.

We would also like to give some props to our “On The Road Correspondent” Linsey Ray Vaughn. She was able to set up an interview with JB and the Moonshine Band as well as the opportunity to broadcast live from the White Elephant at The Stockyards in Fort Worth. You can view the video of the interview on the Red Dirt Roots Facebook page. https://facebook.com/reddirtroots  GREAT job Linsey!

There will be more news coming soon. Y’all stay tuned and tell your friends!

Thanks for listening to Red Dirt Roots Radio!


Gonna Keep Pushing

October 30, 2016

In the journey of starting Red Dirt Roots Radio, I have had several people attempt to convince me that doing this is a waste of time.

The reasons have varied, but still they have presented their case as to why it can’t be done and why I shouldn’t waste my time.

The latest episode came when someone kept trying to convince me that there is no money in the music industry anymore. As the conversation went on, it felt as though they were trying to convince me that their idea for a business was a much more viable and lucrative option. It may be true…but my passion is where and what it is…and it ain’t what you’re pushing.

So yeah…I get it…you don’t think it’s a good idea…that’s fine. I like what I’m doing! I like why I’m doing it!

I LOVE music…of all kinds. It doesn’t matter what kind of music I venture into…I ALWAYS come back to Country.

It’s where my heart is!

So…despite the naysayers…we will keep on pushing!

Watch us grow!

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