Wednesday ReCap of the Morning Cup

September 5, 2018

Royalties: I used to think of royalties  as being royal . Digital royalties are laughable though  in May cases, unless an artist has an enormous following. There are some Independent musicians making it just fine out there  and eventually,  labels want them and even allow them to sing what they choose for the most part. Such as Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks, Sturgil Simpson , Wade Bowen to name just a few that have hurtled and conquered the thresh hold, up stream all the way. 

Dad used to say if we cashed in on his hit songs we would be sitting pretty, eating high on the hog, owning a house on a hill. We wondered what was taking so long to cash in , while our stomach’s growled and we felt the chill coming through the paper thin walls. I guess Dad needed to sign up for the ‘bands in town app’. If he had been signed up with that, his fans could figure out how to get  to his shows whenever  he was playing and help support a starving musical family! Our bread would have been sliced a little thicker and it may have put some padding on our ribcages if not , the walls of a small recording studio where he needed to get in and release singles or a new album all together.

Instead, his talented poetry, sat unjustly in notebooks and the sun went down on an old man’s dreams. That’s sad, that’s a true story and I ain’t even reading the lyrics of a country song.

So get out there to a live show, stuff the tip jar,  and buy some merchandise . Its’ the bread and butter for the artist so they can stay alive and feed their families too! 

If an artist is spun 50x on a commercial webcast or radio program, they are paid less than 12 cents a month from a program that tried hard to support them. And that’s at most , which is basically less than a penny a spin.  What can you buy for 12 cents ? Sheesh. If you are leaning on royalties to support yourself; you might be a struggling artist, to say the least. 

After playing a favorite new song on the station called 1963; it occurred to me who our Special Artist of the day would be assigned to. Mrs. Kayla Ray! She is an emerging artist straight out of the Lone Star state. She released a record called Yesterday and Me, which by the way we have here,  right in the Red Dirts Library for our listening entertainment and it is our  pleasure to share such a phenomenal work of production.

She is working the music circle,  with some of Red Dirt country’s most coveted artists ; such as Jamie Lyn , Courtney Patton, and Jason Eady. 

Of course it does no good to name names without playing some of the amazing tunes to go right along. So , if you were listening to  this morning’s broadcast  of the Live show, you were blessed and privileged to hear  songs like ‘Cry Pretty’ by Jason Eady; ‘So this is life’ by Courtney Patton and ‘ Just like a heart ache’  by Mrs. Jamie Lin. Fitting to say congratulations to Mrs. Jamie on the new addition to the family!And to go right along with this bundle of joy , she has a brand new EP out, and available  now ! (

And concluding this morning Cup ReCap; y’all have a good one! 

Jeri James

(JJ) Red Dirt Host/Owner

September 4th ReCap:

September 4, 2018

Well, Howdy there folks! Here’s the re-cap of Today’s show!

Hank was drinking enough whiskey for all of us on Dirt Hurt Tuesday, while I worked on my second cup of coffee.

Stephen calls it the Trifecta of Pain when you play three Hanks in a row; You’ll need a hanky and a hand if you get too upset and you’ll be crying tears in your tea or coffee on a a typical Tuesday around these parts. That was Hank Williams, Hank Williams, Jr. and the third.

Bleeding the wound with sad sad tunes like whiskey and you by Chris Stapleton.

Why the sad Tunes? Well you got to get your crying out before your feet can set to dancing!

Is it any surprise Chris is one of country music’s most decorated Artists  int the way of music 2018? Grammy’s and awards, left and right and I’d be worried if you didn’t know of such a man as Mr. Stapleton.

Corner of Remembering:

Red Dirt Legend : Brandon Jenkins

We played Be the Revival

And following this song; we  played Stoney singing another Brandon Jenkins original : Feet Don’t Touch The Ground. Details on the complications of Brandon’s heart history can be found on

Special Artist of the day: We spun ‘Same old Lovers’ which led me to check up on Shellee Collee and find out what she’s up to this year in music. Shellee has such a unique angle and perspective in all that she does and I’m not surprised to read that she is creating a new journey for her listeners; one that can provide healing and transformation , including a visual on her website Red  Tree Music Group is the name of the Independent label that picked Shellee up along the way to help her release each song “Chapter by chapter” or one at a time in a customized fashion.

The link is up and available to check out on @grittyredguitar, fb, our Red Dirt Roots Radio fb page. Again if you’re a facebook user just hit @grittyredguitar and Red Dirt Roots Radio should pop up.

New Music aboard the Tunes Loader and climbing easily up the ladder: Cody Sparks in his song  13 folds ! Wow! What  a beautiful tune as well as hot off the press . The Chad Cooke Band : Whatever it takes . Brief background on a quick success and man who picked up the guitar at age 20 and hasn’t put it down since.

And there you have a summary of today’s 3 hour broadcast. I am Jeri James, broadcasting Live out of the Great North West, Monday through Friday, 5 am- 8am Pacific.

Thank you for listening to the Little Station That Could. We can, we are, we will and we IS- ! ! …because of folks like you! Like, share , and follow; if indeed you do! With that, y’all have a good one!!!

Jeri James



Red Dirt Host, Independent Online Radio Owner

Red Dirt Raw Band Talk : Bad Habits can take the band down

August 31, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

Hi there, Jeri James with Red Dirt Raw Band Talk and today’s Recap of the Morning Cup. 

How does the snooze button work for or against you? To me it’s like a high interest charge card, a disadvantage! 

We played some great tunes from the start of the show like ‘Honey Pain by Koe Wetzel: East Texas Rock and Roll stule music, as well as songs like Moon and Back by the Read Southell Band. 

We heard from a band called Southern Sky and I was not able to find much information in terms of back ground on the band ; so I was thinking they may not be well established or at least not yet. However,  Guys like these just need to stick with it because they’re too good not to! Or as Dirt Hurt Stephen says “Grind it Out!”

They got something-  but they have to stay in the loop, and keep on keeping’ on! 

 It can be tough to keep a band together. Especially when you mix talent and bad habits. Those habits really can take a band down , no matter how talented!  Creating a standard as a band could be the saving grace of the musical name and game! 

Red Dirt Raw Band Talk says don’t be afraid to draw the line! Create a standard! Boundaries are not to be despised and you’re no stick in the mud! Artist AaronWatson created a standard : No drinking on the tour bus! Another standard he created according to Lonestar Music Magazine is to put family first! He says “I only have 18 years with these kids and I can play all the shows I need to when they’re moved out but until then,  he will be keeping mama and the babies first in line ; while playing 150 shows per year, working his band members part time and paying them full time wages! Heres a man to pattern after! Wow!  Impressive ; yet is it any surprise that a giving guy like Aaron not only beat the Indie music oppression with his latest Wild Horses , now playing in the Main stream??? Wait ago Aaron! 

Talking about Marines and their Attention to Detail; Do they have to be in the band or a singer , songwriter to give or offer advice? Well, not exactly! Nor  do they have to carry a tune in a bucket but their attention to detail could really benefit you!!! 

Be willing to take advice from the people in your life that really care about your career as a musician. Use that criticism constructively! 

You  say , “Well  isn’t that what management and a label are  for ?”  Well sure, but a label will not even give the time of day if the basic music 101 practices are not in place. So you can start doing the work yourself or continue on your own all along til the end of the line,  if your prefer but you have to work hard and pay close attention to the cracks and crevices that could later sink your career. So I urge you; raise the standard today and you’ll run face first into success. 

Due Reverence and Patriotic Corner;

A new artist to the station and welcome aboard Mr. Cody Sparks, with your gorgeous new tune 13 folds.  I so appreciate your contribution of heart and soul on your sleeve for those who serve including my own daughter in the the Marine Corp; as well as my hubby.  Could I dare forget to say, Semper Fi? Never and thank you no matter what branch if you served or are serving!

We love  a little Trace Atkins because of so many of his tribute tunes. Mr. Atkins is a commercial artist and we are independent; is this a mistake? Nope! Yes it  is true that we try to focus on the young indie bands and musicians but when I play commercial tunes; Trace  will always have a place on my list any day. 

Hey good Lookin’ Recipes? 

Leave your dinner idea or dessert for tonight in the comments! 

Have a good one and be safe this Labor Day!!! 

Jeri James 

(JJ) Red Dirt Host, Owner, Operator 

Recap of Today’s Morning Cup

August 30, 2018

On today’s show we talked about artists like Turnpike Troubadours who know how to pack out a house , even turning folks away because of sold out shows. And if you don’t know about the Turnpike Troubadours; that’s ok, it’s alright, I will bring you up to speed and drop you smack dad in the center of the loop. 

I was talking with people about songwriters. Jamey Johnson writes a tremendous tune called Thats why I write songs and he says so many powerful things in that song but to me ;  this line -stands out the most

“You know most songwriters they don’t ever get any fame

Most people don’t even recognize their names

But chances are, you probably sang along”

For example artists like Keith Gattis who wrote a song that Mr. Kenny Chesney sings ‘El Cerrito Place. You may have heard that one from the main stream Commercial selection. Yet You may have never known that Keith Gattis wrote that tune because you were mesmerized by phenomenal vocals delivered by Kenny Chesney. But lets not forget the ground work! Like the writer on that particular tune again Keith Gattis. Check him out on social media. He’s a great artist to follow and know of . And that’s what we love to do here on Red Dirt Roots Radio is to focus on the work from the ground up, primarily Independent Artists! 

So many of these folks on the station, working so hard even alongside their day jobs and blue collar budgets but hey like Cody Jinks says, it don’t matter how much you make, aint none of us gettin’ out of this place a live and Blue Collar or White, he still calls em friends! 

Hopefully  Keith  will still call me a friend after I possibly slaughtered his name. You know that was a worry and potential concern when I first started Artist Spotlight with Red Dirt Roots Radio while it was cranking out of Conroe under Jimmy’s care. You see the Native Texans can smell a rat if you aren’t one of them and go off and slaughter the name of one of their very own well known songwriters. She’s not one of us and (next thing I’m dodging javolyn ; and heading for the hills. )

Yep and  that’s me , JJ right here  in the Willamette Valley, Broadcasting out of the Great North West , from the Teeny Tiny Town of Cottage Grove in the the teeny tiny, Little station that could! 

Be sure to Like share and follow on social media if indeed you do with your friends, family, loved ones  near and dear , next of Kin and I’ll bring you in, drop you in the Red Dirt Loop and bring you up to speed with some of the Legendary Country roots that sets your soul free and feet to dancing!!! 

The Little Station that could. Is.

August 20, 2018

That is right! Still in business peeps! We haven’t been on vacation but rather in transformation! Turning a tiny shed/shack into a radio studio! From the ground up; little by little, inch by inch – building new walls !

After a few months of remodeling and details, we are finally at a stopping point and have made the decision to go LIVE again ! Now you can tune in with  Jeri James Monday through Friday for Red Dirt Coffee Hour. This is Morning Talk Radio five days a week from 5-8 a.m. Pacific time.

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