A. Alico, Author of America’s 84 street Boys

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Emerging Novelist from Queen’s New York!

“With the collapse of the government, America has descended into chaos, and it’s citizens are left to roam the streets…” America’s 84 Street Boys, Author A. Alico.

Check out Mr. Alico’s work online; a powerful poet, a heart of dreams; relentless and determined in every production; accepting no limits or decline. This is  an exciting time in the life of an artist  tapping  into  unique potential as well as depth of character .

A. Alico’s  journey through life is indeed his  daily application in writing. He’s  wasting no material  and continuing to produce exciting and  far reaching results; exploring humanity and providing expression and empathy for the otherwise bottled up emotions and torment we all may battle day in and day out.

This is  an author you can check on  regularly or stop in to find out what’s new. Rarely does he have old or stale material in the fruit bowl or bread basket . Instead, he provides fresh content for his followers ; striving for nothing short of the powerful prize or outcome. Is it not exciting to witness  those around us working the pieces of life together masterfully?

A.Alico’s books :


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Article  by Jeri James

Not sinking the Ship, Adjusting the Sails instead

JJ here with Red Dirt Roots Radio checking in today to give you an update on some redirection happening here at the station. So when I started my journey in radio; I began with Music Commentary called Artist Spotlights. These spotlights could take up to 2 hours to build and once I advanced to better software, up to 3 hours. Makes no sense; why better software and yet it’s taking longer. Simply because I went from an IPhone App to actual podcasting gear and editing software. Stepped up the audio sound a bit and brought on more of a cutting edge towards professionalism if you will.


I’ve been shying away from Artist Spotlights slowly because of the length of time it takes to research, record, edit and bounce. I love Music Commentary and feel like that is an area of strength for me but I cannot give extra time to it right now because I am running the Red Dirt Project solo. If I could hire out tech support I would , but as a baby station; a new development; everything I do is on a volunteer basis anyway; so hiring is not an option.

All to say, the best option is to reduce the number of Spotlights so the quality is not compromised due to lack of time.

Artist Spotlights/music Commentary will now be a special feature on Thursdays Only along with Mack Minutes.

Thank you for your patience with these changes.

Jeri James

In the Red and I don’t mean Red Dirt

First off, Thank you for your patience as I seek direction and advice for the radio station this week. I knew when I accepted responsibility for the station; I would also be assuming the risk and I accepted that risk to my  personal finances. As many of you know; when you venture out in a business; you do not get paid by the hour; nor on Fridays! Instead, you pay! As one Financial guru would put it, You have to crawl before you walk.

I have no problem investing in something I believe in as long as it’s there to invest. However; At this point, I am in the Red and I don’t mean Red Dirt!

Why put that on your audience? The glaring elephant in the room for this radio station  is overhead cost. I have met 60% of the total due so far. I don’t know that I want to run a station on donations or pledge driving the audience.

What I do have to offer is Advertising. Red Dirt Roots Radio can build an ad through outsourcing voice personality with a man who has 34 years experience in broadcasting; not to mention a knack for off the cuff creativity. We can do this for a $100 flat rate and from there, we are offering 5 spins a day , 7 days a week for another $100- That means $200 total out the door price for a 28 day period!  Advertisements normally take care of overhead and offer a little profit but no ads are currently running. This is to be expected with a new business like Red Dirt Roots Radio; not even 1 year old. many do not want to take the risk of running an with an  undeveloped station and still yet  a modest number of followers.

Therefore, the music really must do the talking. We have so much talent wrapped up in this great station; I have no doubt about it’s worth in priceless therapy to many thankful listeners. It’s time to press in…I believe this thing can fly and if you want to get behind a growing business; I can’t tell you how amazed I would be to see that support. I try to be semi-transparent to my audience and let you know what is going on behind the scenes or when I’ve got a bad case of the blues; however this time it’s more serious folks; I got the blues and I’m in the Red…Holy Moly I’m turning into a Flying Purple People Eater!

The Little Station that could…

There will always be the Shadow of doubt without effort…

But it takes some character to “Shine on Rainy Days” As Brent Cobb might put it.

It starts with an idea. An idea turns into an action; an action turns into a creation; a creation produces more economy, more ideas, more fruitfulness.

Or it flops. It fails to produce…fails to grow; fails to thrive.

I’m not one to suffer long if I have a choice…I’m committed to try new things, to venture out to make things work or change course.

However, I believe in the future of this station.

Right now, I’m reaching out because  I’m up against a host of bills this radio station has to pay in order to cover our licensing and royalty requirements. We have met 3/5 2016/2017 requirements. The James family here in Oregon is dedicated and committed to see these things through out of our own personal finance if we can and we are working hard to respond to every detail; taking responsibility for this station. However, I want to let you know there is a need presenting itself and if you are able to donate in any way shape or form; your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Ways you can help

  1. $20 or more ; JJ will return your contribution with a signed copy of her personal 2014 Indie album;
  2. Run an Ad on this station: $100 to build your commercial Plus $100 more to spin your ad 5x  per day for 28 day cycles  (Outsourced to a voice personality with over 34 years of broadcasting experience Bill L. from Eugene, Oregon) It may be an Album, a single; a product for small business or company
  3. Like, share and follow on social media and spread the word about the station.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if indeed you have;

Please dm me on twitter.com @reddirtrootstx if interested in helping or send me an email to reddirtrootsradio@gmail.com



JJ is taking some time off…

Hey everyone! JJ here! I want to thank you for tuning in to Red Dirt Roots Radio!

Lots of changes have taken place since Jimmy and I traded places! Full Time and many hats describes the running and programming of a station. I will be taking a few days off from the Radio program to catch up on some personal situations needing attention. However; the music will continue to spin undoubtedly 24:7 as usual! Please continue to show your support to these wonderful Red Dirts Artists!


A Force? Indeed; to be reckoned with!!!!

They say not many womenfolk are  to be found in the red dirt and so the search continues for the heart that bleeds real country, southern rock and a bottle of blues and soul; splashing, pouring, soaking, drenching , seeping into the deep red dirt and one is found!

A girl walks into a bar one night…(no really, no joke…) The rest is history when the phone rings because of impact. Not bad news. Good and better when her voice stood out against the rest…

Kim Linson is  an artist from here in the Great North West; from Chehalis, Washington. She’s a mother, wife, singer, songwriter and local performer. Be sure to check out her latest independent album entitled Side Show on kimlinsonmusic.com. I recently had the privilege to talk with Kim on the phone about her musical background as well as what she is up to now a days in music and what her future goals are. You can catch the full interview youtube.com/watch on the reddirtrootsradio channel.

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Remind Me Why?

1684311005226713Choose your hard…You know that humbling feeling of not being able to get ahead of the rat race? I had a few too many of those days with trials I felt were over my head. Yet our little hearts can handle more than we think they can as long as we remember to BREATHE!!!

Babies have a recovery rate much greater and  faster than adults! Just visit the cardiac ward and talk with the nurses and doctors on staff and they’ll tell ya how tough those kids are! They say adults take longer to recover because we feel sorry for ourselves!!! I believe it! I feel very sorry for myself when I’m simply having computer problems!

 They’ll always be something to complain about. They’ll always be the idea of not enough or too much. The art of contentment is the goal here. To get to a point of not just “getting by” but rather “tapping in” . Tapping in to the riches of character. The character in others around you…taking time to stop and hear a story…to consider…to listen…to open up and stop the rat race of life…the shallow treading in familiar water or… the deeper we dig in a monotonous rut. So it is; ya step out…ya dream big…you go for it and when you’re tired; just remember…the pursuit of happiness is a blessing—– not a right! Hard work may or may not pay off when ya want it to but ya do whatcha gotta do and there’s contentment in knowing ya did just that with all ya had to give…tears, sweat, work and little to show for sometimes…It’s alright…you’re where you need to be in all that. So keep on keepin’ on!!!

Jeri James

Morning Cup with JJ


Hey there! JJ with Red Dirt Roots Radio right here! I’m having fun at the station getting to know the ropes! Now that some of the basic software comprehension is out of the way, I am able to broadcast live with you! In case ya haven’t caught me yet; please make arrangements to do so! Grab your coffee and wake up Monday-Friday with some excellent Red Dirt Tunes and I’ll do my best to keep you semi-awake and possibly entertained at that!!!

5a.m-8a.m Pacific

7a.m-10a.m. CST

8a.m-11a.m ET

P.S. Thanks for tuning in!!!

The Times They Are a Changing

Howdy Y’all! A few months back I realized that Red Dirt Roots Radio was starting to suffer a bit because I had become way too busy and was unable to dedicate the time required to continue in the day to day operations. This all happened about the same time that Joshua Claussen decided to leave and we brought in Jeri James to fill his spot.

It didn’t take long after getting Jeri involved with us that I realized she was the one who needed to be the new Chief at Red Dirt Roots Radio.

She has the drive and the unwavering passion for Red Dirt Country Music and TRUE Country Music in general.

So…y’all give her your support and tell her howdy when you get the chance.

I will still be around a bit as host of the Real Country Countdown.

Y’all be good!

Jimmy E.