Build your signal Fire!

You have a story.

You have a song.

You believe in something.

A product.

You are the builder.

You are the creator.

You need folks to see you down there in the trees! You’re the spec in someone’s eye and you do not wish to be wiped away but rather looked at, examined, LISTENED TO!!! 

Don’t be a speck! You are glitter; You are a spark and it’s time to make your mark!

Run an ad with the Red Dirt Peeps! We have great Rates with a growing listener base; hot spots in the Lone Star State and here on the West Coast in the Willamette Valley all the way to Portland. We are a National Webcast! Let’s do this together! Indie Artists, Author’s and small business supporting one another! 

Only 4 /5 spots Remaining! Get in line for a quickIntroductory Rate : February and March

-$50.00 one time fee for mastered clip

-.29 per spin , 12x per day x28 days   = 97.44

Your ad will air Monday-Suday, 5am -11:59pm

February Total Price for 28 days =147.44

*Broadcasting Clip recorded by Radio guy Bill : 30 + years in radio production: Conservative News Talk Voice

Send me an email today

Looking Forward to hearing from you;


Jeri James

JJ , Morning Cup host and owner

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