What is Red Dirt Roots Radio?

January 2, 2019
Jeri James Music

Hi everyone. If you’re reading this I want to tell you about my little radio show, that I’m  hosting 5 days a week. I produce a live segment between 5-8am.  (Pacific)

Right here from this little studio;  I get behind the mic and talk everything music, while spinning hundreds of original songs from artists all over the USA, stretching past the Northern borders, into Canada. This is a legit, online, web, radio station and tuning in is easy!
Just go to reddirtrootsradio.com and right there you can sample some of the music we love, as a station.

A lot of our music comes from Texas and Oklahoma, home of the original “Red Dirt” Title; Yet– we are not limited to that region. The Genre Red Dirt is a hybrid of Country, Texas Rock, Southern Soul, Americana and Roots music. We do play Some of the old Classics , but mostly new, emerging, or developing artists.

Singer, Songwriters like to try out their “stuff” with our audience. I myself am a singer/Songwriter and I love to create and share melodies and lyrics together, that tell my story or give my sense of perspective on life. Music has been a long, standing passion for me; not necessarily for the purpose of getting discovered and becoming famous, but rather and more so; for the love of the art and craft itself.


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