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October 29, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there this JJ with Red Dirt Roots Radio I have for you the Morning cup Re Cap ; thats a run down summary of the Live show today, in case you missed it have no fear or tear. I’ll fill you in.

We heard from bands like Blackberry Smoke with ‘Sunrise in Texas’ again and he says “theres a world going on outside the world that he’s in.”

I believe it! The  Texas music scene is one to follow !

Folks with that Lone Star Tough flavor we all need to sort of leather up in life you know. A good Charlie horse will wake you up in the morning playing music with some grit and a tough spirit to help motivate your day and maybe your life altogether.

Yes it’s Monday, and Meloncholy could be  you to go  with a  long face! It’s hard to splash water on that when your smile feels like it’s in a cast. I know , the weekend is just that; Short lived but it’s all how we see things and if we can adjust our perspective!

I notice Jon says I’ll love you to the moon and stars and back. I like it that he included the stars in that line vs just the Moon and back; the stars were allowed to be a part of his scenario for the hat and heart to hang upon.  What a great tune and he’s doing quite well independently speaking with too many downloads to count on websites like Spotify! Way to go Jon!


I was listening to going back to the country by Camanche Moon and they take you there with your senses ignited to everything from picking wild onions to chomping down on Rabbit Stew! Such a great Jam and and gem!

Speaking of country gems, we visited the Blake Reid topic which we’ve been sort of camped on lately with his last interview. He gave so much for us to pick from but the topic of connectedness is really a goal I would say.  From and to  the emerging and developing artist!

His advice was to stay connected with your music. He really sets a standard in wearing many of the hats in production as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, performer, etc. You know, covering all the bases as a hard working musician, not to mention a life outside of the show biz, which many of us have!

Either way folks , i want to remind you to  file your paperwork you know with performing rights organizations and the pros such as Ascap, Bmi, Sesac, Sound Exchange and stay on your follow up !  if you’re streaming all over the web. That is your content and you should be compensated for your work!  So be sure to check into it and stay on it!

With that, y’all have a good one and Cheer up; Monday’s are musical and we will survive together with that thought!!!


Jeri James

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