I choose Texas Rock, I choose Southern

October 26, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there , JJ with Red Dirt roots radio. I have for you the Morning Cup Re-Cap! First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to stop and take a peek at my post.

Red Dirt Roots Radio is no ordinary online station ! Let me tell you, we’ve got the latest and greatest from the Lonestar state, Oklahoma Red Dirt and beyond.

Today is Friday, you can park a hashtag in front of Friday Feeling because I’ve got the scoop on Southern Rock or Texas Rock if you will.

Two top bands I want to tell you about today.

The first is Whiskey Meyers; if you are a fan than the bell rings quickly when I say,


Ballad or a Southern Man

or the beautiful Dirt Hurt

Broken Window Serenade

The other band is Blackberry Smoke.

When I say …

Sunrise in Texas

Prayer for the Little Man


One horse Town

if you’re a true Blackberry Fan, you slapped your knee and shook your head as a sign of confirmation.

Head on over to https://whiskeymeyers.com

Head on over https://blackberrysmoke.com

Also drop by on facebook and tell them you head their tunes spinning on Red Dirt Roots Radio with JJ if indeed ya did!!!

I also want to remind you to like, share, and follow the link, if indeed ya do with your loved ones, near and dear, next of kin; we are the little station that could and we can because of folks like you. Winning the nation back, 1 soul at a time, Country style.

Have a good one.


Happy Friday,

Sincerely ,

Jeri James

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