“Watched a Grown Man Cry”

October 23, 2018
Jeri James Music

The wounds and woes

The sadness and sorrow

The loss and lowdown

It’s all right here on

a Dirt Hurt Tuesday

Bleed the wound with sad sad tunes

and behind the scenes, tugging on your heart strings building a list that’ll

leave you reaching and reeling  for your hanky.

What good ; really -does it do to hold on to it all anyway ? It’s the bad and ugly in life and Melancholy doesn’t always wait for Monday. Dirt Hurt Tuesday says Misery Loves Company so pull up a chair and mourn the blues with some…Melodic Therapy. These are the lives and life stories , the characters behind the music ; the creative outflow of men and women no different from you and me. You can paint up your life with powder and smoke, sparkles and fancy lights  but the truth will sometimes bleed through no matter what you do or the methods you use to conceal your  sadness.

I like the way Jamey describes some of the purpose in dirt hurt tunes and songs in general from a writer’s perspective. and I quote

“I remember how it blew my mind

When I played a song and watched a grown man cry

It was at that moment when I just knew

What I was born to do

You know most songwriters they don’t ever get any fame

Most people don’t even recognize their names

But chances are, you probably sang along

To  Harlen Howard, Bob McDill

Whitey Shafer, or my friend Whispering Bill

All the times they ever gave me chills

That’s why I write songs

…and Don’t forget Hank Cochran”


Well said Jamey Johnson and it’s true the beat really does  satisfy the soul. Where would we be without reflective tunes like these. This morning we said goodbye to 6th street with Wade Bowen, We mourned

Miranda’s Tin Man and a Showman’s Life aint always what it seems with

Buddy Miller. They forgot to tell us about the lonely times in store  but thankfully music is your friend and in todays day and age of technology right at your fingertips and within ears reach.  And that’s a wrap for the Re-Cap with me JJ. My name is Jeri James and you can hear my live, music , talk commentary,  5 days a week right here on reddirtrootsradio.com.  That’s 5-8am pacific, broadcasting out of the

teeny tiny town of Cottage Grove from the beautiful and Great North

West, here in Oregon- we are the little station that could. We

can , we will and we are because of folks like you. Be sure to follow us on

facebook.com  @grittyredguitar as well as Twitter.com @reddirtrootstx . And with that, y’all have a good one!


Jeri James

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