Dues and Fees and Fees and Dues for Days

October 18, 2018
Jeri James Music


“Muster all the strength you can borrow. “Brandon Jenkins said in his song Be the REvival. Let me tell you, if you think the industry is tough now, it might get a little tougher for some. No need for hype but there might be a fight or a rumble in the road and you go a running for to see a show. But let me tell you the fight already took place and the smokes a clearing. Venues that were sneaking out unbeknownst and cool as a cucumber are getting caught red handed. I’m talking about venues and hosts. Can you just set up a platform , throw a sheet over it and park a mic stand, invite local talent and sell burgers and beer? Not so easily you see. Loop holes are closing for that’s all folks before the show even started because the venue couldn’t fork out a few grand towards the copyright Library. Why should they have to pay you say? Well most singers are coming with a briefcase of covers ranging from Denver to Cash and they’re using those covers as a way of warming up the fish tank so to speak , hooking the listener with familiarity. Only that familiarity may breed some contempt. check this out . according to freepressonline.com

“The Waterworks is the latest of several midcoast venues that will no longer host open mics due to the cost of complying with federal copyright laws. Owner Vicki Fales said she was forced to make the decision after music licensing companies began demanding fees totaling a few thousand dollars for the right to host musicians who play copyrighted music. But since The Waterworks only holds the free open mic once a month, she said it just wasn’t worth it. “

For more information on this article , head on over to freepressonline.com.

Anyhow, I’ve been catching wind from my singing friends that door are closing down there at the places we normally perform. It’s true, folks can’t afford it , so they say but it’s time for everybody to sit down and talk about whats in the fire that keeps it burning.

Play video for more.


Jeri James


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