A Ditty’s a Ditty

October 17, 2018
Jeri James Music

What was Vern talking about with the whole B24 and walking the floors? Maybe a Juke box?

I remember the ole Juke box at Ma and Pa’s Restaurant in Washington.

“We were talking 45’s, 33’s, 8 tracks, 4 tracks, cassettes…Vinyl’s.”

We were too busy having a good time to worry about mint and cumin by laws and the sticky stuff.

A ditty’s a ditty…Morning Cup Re-Cap with Jeri James. (JJ)

Hey there, JJ here with Red Dirt Roots Radio. I’ve got the Morning Cup-Re-cap for you in case you missed the Live Broadcast, by the way happening 5 days a week, Monday through Friday -8 am Pacific, that’s music talk commentary, Yep, it’s true.

We are talking everything under the sun and then some just for fun. And you can be a part of the conversation. Head on over to twitter.com for @reddirtrootstx  or on fb thats the red dirt coffee hour also on fb at @gritty red guitar.

This morning’s chat, we were working up a rip snorter. If you don’t know what a rip snorter is, it’s when we get a good fire going, that’s what we call it at our house anyway and it’s when the chat room is hoppin’ and boppin’ with living souls like you.

But in order to have a wild blaze , everybody has to grab an arm load of wood and contribute fuel to the fire.

Today we talked Ballads, breaking rules in radio, 45’s, 33’s , 8 tracks, 4 tracks and Cassettes. My good friend Jimmy gave me the run down on side A,  and  side B of how a station played a record. The focus was on side A, and side B was the leftovers on the album.

But how many know, leftovers are sometimes better tasting the second go round. In other words, we don’t exclude side B. If it’s good it’s good and it’s welcome at the table.

Some radio stations say no Ballads. Definition of a




  1. a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next as part of the folk culture.


3. song, folk song, chantey, ditty, canzone; poem, tale, saga”a ballad sung by Burl Ives”

Anyway, we will also play ballads on Red Dirt Roots Radio and as Whiskey Meyers says, “ I used to go fishing down at pickle creek dam but I guess that’s something you don’t understand.”

In other words, he can’t be bothered with the people pleasing. It is what is and if you get it great , if not, he won’t be losing sleep tonight. Now thats the heart of a child if you ask me, too busy playing and having a good time to worry about naysaying or sticky little mint and cumin by laws.

Again if it’s good , if it’s a beautiful melody, pregnant with fiery passion, you’ll hear it playing on Red Dirt Roots Radio, music with roots deep in the red dirt, that’s the heart of country .

And with that, y’all have a good one!


Jeri James

(JJ , RDRR owner, host)

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