Dirt Hurt …The Weary Kind

October 16, 2018
Jeri James Music

The wounds and woes

The sadness and sorrow

The loss and lowdown

It’s all right here on

a Dirt Hurt Tuesday

Bleed the wound with sad sad tunes and maybe later you’ll be free to celebrate the parts of life you’ve been avoiding .

Today on Dirt Hurt Tuesday we heard from all 3 Hank’s to go right along with our hankies. We heard from Ryan Bingham and I’ll tell you in listening to his voice from the get go, I could tell this man had a story to tell. Its like walking on an empty creek bed. You find a certain stone that fits right in the palm of your hand. You are mesmerized by the feel. You can tell , This rock has done some rolling. This stone has done some stumbling. The turns, and twists , the bends  and journey have worn the edges smooth.

Much like the artist with a story indeed, the world should hear. Ryan Bingham’s song The Weary Kind is not only fitting for a Dirt Hurt Tuesday  but it’s also featured  in the movie Theme Crazy Heart. My friends couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it yet and they told me to sit down and watch , promising I’d love this one. Time is of the essence to me and I don’t have a lot of extra to waste so I really appreciate music and movies with power …So Crazy Heart is on my watch list for this month.

One more thing to say here :

“Country is who we are. Not just where we’re from. It’s how we live, what we believe in, It’s all we’ve ever known.”

TAKE ME HOME: @TristanMarezMusic

And thats a wrap for the re-Cap.

This Jeri James, you can call me JJ

You can find me on the web on fb @gritttyredguitar

twitter @reddirtrootstx

and we are the little station that could

we can

we will

we are because of folks like you

one at a time

listening to this broadcast, Live from the great NW

the teeny tiny town of Cottage Grove, in the beautiful state of Oregon

Playing Music  with the Roots Deep in the Red Dirt .

The Weary KInd : Ryan Bingham

Crazy Heart Movie

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