The old, The new, and The Rest of the Story

October 10, 2018
Jeri James Music

Zane Williams says, “it’s a fire in your belly that says we’re gonna make it. “

That’s a fierce determination and the words, “We’re  gunna make it! ” You know that sounds familiar to me;  especially since my dad , the poor songwriter he was;

always having to say that to the old V8 station wagon while patting the dash,—————— “We’re gunna make it!”

…Let me tell you, That was Not always the case, con sarn it! He’d  run her on E again!

That’s ok! Man with a  plan and and a  gas can in his hand! And tell yourself, that’s what legs are for!

I’d go as far as to say  if you find  your  thumb out in the wind, and  nobody’s stopping,  just keep walking but get back to that Old car and get her home!

Nope it’s  Not song a song, but it may as well  be in the fact that it’s a true story !And thats how it works folks, a few chords and the truth !

So much sometimes for sticking to the schedule and executive function when you fail to check your gauges. You know, it happens all the time for me. A little off subject yet right on key ; (ahem, clears throat)

But  I was thinking about strong music verses PB & J tunes. Classic songs or epic legacy types vs songs that you made up while you were fixing a sandwich.

Nothing like a bad joke, a confusing riddle or a story without a point.

To me it’s like old vs new. I like the heavy metal used to build a Ford back in the day compared to plastic looking new cars of this age. I’m not saying I don’t like new cars but like Diamond Rio says, ‘Meet in the Middle” if you will.

Consider this;  Materials were different back then. Stuff was built to last. Now, a day;  you have to pay extra insurance on a blender at check out  because they knew;  the manufacturer , mind you, knew it wasn’t built to last!  So in case it gives up the ghost before you finish blending your smoothie, We’ll agree to send you another one at our cost. How nice.

I’m not inspired. Sorry. But when I was the kid that sat in the back of the car and listened to K- – – –  for nearly a decade mind you  They played quite the spread of music for that 80’s and 90’s era but while  I not only was forced to breathe my parents  2nd hand smoke ;  I was also forced to hear a lot of tunes  that I personally never  thought were that good. In fact I would plug my ears when a song came on that had an annoying hook. Because I knew that tune was going to be stuck in my head all week and I didn’t even like it.

But  when you’re not the dj, you’re at the mercy of another.

Needless to say I not only became a studio DJ by my own right, but I still like Old cars, Old trucks, and even good old Classic tunes. Because that music was built to last and there it stands , Mama tried when the smoke clears. Way to Go Hag!  We aren’t throwing Willie, Waylon, or Johnny out either…even if the fender on your car is plastic, no judgement passed, just  be careful of course and i say unto you Consider the rest of the story. Yes , I got stuck with Paul Harvey too!

With that y’all have a good one,


(Jeri James, RDRR host, dj, owner)

Red Dirt Roots Radio, playing music with the roots Deep in the Red Dirt, Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond.

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