Natural vs Forced

October 9, 2018
Jeri James Music

The wounds and woes

The sadness and sorrow

The loss and lowdown

It’s all right here on a Dirt Hurt Tuesday

Bleed the wound with sad sad tunes

and maybe later you’ll be freed up  to enjoy some of the celebrations

you might otherwise avoid. Yes, depression is a thing and low lows exist especially in musicians and writers. Perhaps the blues are just that, a way to remind us that we still feel. Borrowed that line from our favorite flocker Cody.

Thankfully though , with sadness, theres light at the end of the tunnel. it can be as simple and  easy as listening to

an amazing artist identify their own sad feelings through sounds and lyrics

or melodies that grip the heart. So

Grab a hanky , get your coffee on and tune in for Melodic Therapy.

Every Tuesday right here on the live broadcast

5-8 am Pacific

Broadcasting from the teeny tiny town of Cottage Grove, Oregon

Right here from the   beautiful and Great north west.

JJ here with the Morning Cup Re-cap. In case you missed the music and or commentary this morning, I have a summary for you.

While listening to a heart breaking tune by The Whiskey Meyers Band, I dug up the biography of their group on I remember the first time I heard Broken Window Serenade. I was blown away at the natural talent. You know, he wasn’t performing necessarily. He was just doing what he was made to do. Tell a story with a beautiful melody. Cody Cannon, lead singer of the group says , “Where you come from and where you grow up influences your music a lot .“ He goes on;  “As a band, we don’t go in with any preconceived theme. You just sit down and write the songs that come out naturally. “

And That’s what fascinates me about many of the super artists and Super natural talent on my station. Many of these musicians are much in their natural element vs commercialized frog in a top hat.

Do you remember being a little kid and watching another kid use his or her imagination fearlessly? I sure do. I had a baby brother that thought he was a power ranger, superman, and ruler of the world all wrapped up in a leap and a bound from a nearby couch where he flew through the air with a stick pointed at the sky and a pillow case tied loosely around his neck like a cape. No one had to pay him , trick him or black mail this guy to have a good time from his own perspective. Yet the magic could so easily be lost if he knew you were watching him. That was the wild side if you were lucky enough to catch on to the excitement  without him noticing you sneaking a peek. If we asked him what he was up to or interrupted his process, he would hide under a table and the show would be over.  That was his  bashful and introverted character and not all will enter the big stage if they are forced to perform with smoke and lights.

I love the fact that Cody Cannon from Whiskey Meyers can sit down with a six string and a harmonica and rip your heart out.

His biography on facebook sums it up well in one sentence after the about section:

It says Whiskey Meyers makes Honest Music.

That’s a wrap for the re-Cap on todays’ edition of the Morning Cup, that’s live music Talk commentary, right here on Red Dirt Roots Radio. We’re playing music with the Roots Deep in the Red Dirt and With that, y’all have a good one!


Jeri James

JJ, RDRR, Owner, Host

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