A, B, C’s of the Red Dirt

October 4, 2018
Jeri James Music

JJ here with the Morning Cup Re-Cap. In case you missed the Live Broadcast, have no fear or tear; I’ve got the lowdown on this morning’s rambling session.

Today was a Triple Play, ThursdayThought ; with a hashtag and 3times a charm. I know sounds like a special coffee but it’s just me, a little off subject , yet right on key , here on Red Dirt Roots Radio and never a dull moment.

Especially when we’re hearing Alphabetically Ordered Country Red Dirt ! Now theres a way to teach your kids their ABC’s in a way they’ll never forget ; you know Sesame Street was a televised reading readiness program used to help us remember ABC basics and  how about we change it up using music and radio; listen up kids;

A  is for  Aaron Watson,

B- Brent Cobb,

C-Cody Jinks,

and the list goes on! Yes,  mom and dad you can sit in for a refresher course on real Country. By the way music Talk commentary 5 days a week broadcasting Live out of the great North West.

Today The Playlist made it all the way  to Guitar Town; and let me tell ya if that song dOESN’T set  your feet to dancing , you might want to check your pulse.

Not only can  Steve Earl rock out to songs lIKE  Guitar Town  but you ought to check out his version of “Someday”. Besides, who couldn’t relate to thE common childhood Curiosity OR WONDER  what really is over the rainbow.

I don’t know if theres a pot of gold but I do know that Steve Earl is a gem of character and piece to that puzzle. He’s Rich with talent and skill; He’s originally from TEXAS like so many of the artists on this station and if you ever wonder what fits the image or sound of Red Dirt, Earl is  a fine  picture of folk rock -country by definition.

According to Biography.com, Steve is a Grammy award winning  singer songwriter and wouldn’t you know it ; patterning himself after peeps like Guy Clark he picked up his own 6 string at just 13 years old. He played his way right through the music scene until one dark stormy night,  he was swollowed up . You may not have heard that part of Steve’s story but yes it’s true and may we all take note. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly sometimes but the main point is that Steve made it back. You see , he  went through hell and before the devil could claim his soul;  he broke free from Drugs, and Alcohol and emerged back onto the music scene where he began winning multiple Grammy’s and some may even  recognize him from the role he played in HBO’s The Wire and Treme.

That’s a wrap for the Re-Cap .

Jeri James here ; playing music with the roots, “Deep in the Red Dirt .”

Y’all have a good one!


(JJ , RDRR , host, owner

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