Sasquatch Sightings and Oil Spills

October 3, 2018
Jeri James Music

A little off subject but right on key, thats me JJ this morning on the Morning Cup;

in todays Ramblings; we covered a lot of ground. We talked about everything from Big Foot to keeping the Wolves away with Uncle Lucius and his tragic story taking place on The Galveston Bay.

Two completely different subjects  but check this out.

Let’s start with Big Foot.

If you ever get tired of politics or news or burnt out on opinions and views; you can always curl up with a big foot novel or article and re-ignite your senses that away. I personally don’t know if Big Foot exists. My Uncle told me that Big Foot stormed his barn when he was a kid and threw his cows up in the hay loft. Now mind you he told us this story right before saying goodnight and leaving us teens out there  to rough it under the stars . We wanted the adventure so therefore parking a sleeping bag a half mile from the deep, dark scary woods was our hopeful providence. Thankfully, and obviously we were never consumed that night or I wouldn’t be reporting to you this morning on Red Dirt Roots Radio.

But isn’t it funny how we sink into boring complacency ?

I mean a typical Wednesday morning; you wouldn’t expect to wake up and hear a real live account of a Sasquatch sighting. But for me  I turned on a local radio program and a fellow told the story of a couple he knew having marital dysfunction due to displaced garden utensils. The lovers blamed each other until they discovered a shovel engraved in a nearby tree that had been thrown by something massive and stronger than any Gold’s gym member you and I have ever known. You guessed it; it was just a Sasquatch that wanted them gone!

So I don’t know about all that . But if I had ever seen  a Big Foot ; not you or anybody I know could ever  talk me out of that memory or sighting. And don’t you talk yourself out of your dreams even if they seem far fetched to the rest of the world. Dreams are wild , don’t hurt yourself chasing the capture but keep on keepin’ on regardless.

We covered an artist by the name of Kevin Galloway. Keep the Wolves Away.

It’s a powerful tune and living testimony of hardship after a poison spill on a Tanker ship out there in the gulf of Mexico.

I find it quite impressive when a writer slash singer songwriter is able to sit down with a guitar and draw in the hearts of a diverse audience, young and old . This particular song was so powerful that even my own 9 year old was inspired to learn cover and she later performed this song on at a local brewery and the crowd went wild, I kid you not. As busy as Kevin may have been in his world touring band; he took the time to respond to a tweet on twitter where Sunni Ray brought props to his original. He thought that was the greatest. And really it is the darndest thing to be inspired. Without a vision; lets face it. We perish. We all need an obscure tap on the shoulder by a Sasquatch once in a while. If you haven’t been tapped in a while listen to reddirtrootsradio, music with content; and see if that don’t wake you up. 5 days a week on the MOrning cup with me JJ. Playing music with the Roots Deep in the Red Dirt. Y’all have a good one now.


Jeri James

(JJ Morning Cup, rdrr host)

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