Song Bird Eva Cassidy

October 2, 2018
Jeri James Music

The wounds and woes

The sadness and sorrow

The loss and lowdown

It’s all right here on a Dirt Hurt Tuesday

Bleed the wound with sad sad tunes

and maybe later you’ll be freed up  to enjoy some of the celebrations

you would otherwise avoid. Yes depression is a thing and low lows exist

but thankfully theres help and sometimes it’s as easy as listening to

an amazing artist identifying those sad feelings through sounds and lyrics

that grip the heart. So

Grab a hanky , get your coffee on and tune in for Melodic Therapy.

Every Tuesday right here on the live broadcast

5-8 am Pacific

Broadcasting from the teeny tiny town of Cottage Grove,Oreon

right here from the   beautiful and Great North West.

If you missed the Live Broadcast, have no fear or tear, I have a Morning Cup Re Cap just for you.

All posted an article on one of my all time favorite artists Eva Cassidy otherwise known as Songbird. You may have heard it before and I’ll say it again and I’ll borrow  Watsons lyrics from his gem of a song Blue Bonnets’ “We are only here for a little while, it’s beautiful and bittersweet” Well said as usual Aaron.

And how fitting to attach a toast of coffee this morning for the Eva Fan base. She was a legend and still is. You know, record companies couldn’t figure out how to market this girl . She was complex. But as stated in the article, ‘she prized the music above any potential fame’.

That’s a perfect clue for building a fulfilling music career in my book. Eva left a hard core mark on the hearts of so many. To get up and sing in front of the multitudes was not a frog in a top hat experience for this girl. She was a bit of an introvert. She was painfully shy. So when she did slip into a back alley blues bar to perform; she greatly sacrificed her pride to strum  and pick that guitar and bleed her heart for those watching and listening. If you were a part of that audience, I would say, you walked out of that place not sure what hit ya with her rich melodies and downpour of soul. Was this girl  Part angel some may have wondered back then and may still wonder now.  As  her time here on earth was so very short, she lost the battle to cancer as a young woman . She did not draw much attention to herself. In fact, she was not even marked a legend or legacy until she left the world and many were left scratching their heads in wondering What just happened. Eva sings songs like “Blue Eyes crying in the Rain” , and Fields of Gold where she never made promises Lightly. But she said she would walk in those fields and with the way she graced the earth, I would imagine she got her wish and there she strolls singing with the angels she so easily relates with.

Well, that’s a wrap for the Re-Cap.


Jeri James

(JJ, station owner, host)

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