100% or not at all, Legit followers, Support your Local Farmer

October 1, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there! This is JJ with Red Dirt Roots Radio and I have for you The Morning Cup Re-Cap. First of all, thank you so much for tuning in and showing your support to all these amazing Indie Artists, spinning roots from the Lone-star State of Texas, Oklahoma and Beyond.

Today on the Morning Cup, we talked about Legit followers. I just want to encourage you artists out there, or authors and folks running small business that Social Media is not always what it seems. There are legit followers and there are apps that create more followers or purchase fake  followers. I personally;  as an artist, do not want a compliment unless I’ve earned it. You know , most of us can smell a rat when somebody is saying something they don’t really mean. We call bluff. We call hogwash.

And that’s what I love about this station and the artists behind it. Let’s take Parker McCollum for example. He was raised in a family where he was taught that if you’re going to do something , you give it your 100% or not at all. That’s legit and folks; you don’t conform. If you are serious about something like Parker is about his songwriting, stick to your roots and don’t waiver. Your unique audience is out there will appreciate it if you are true to yourself. Besides, it’s what seperates the real from the Counterfeit!

We also covered the topic of farming. Those that supply the food for so many of us consumers and partakers! It is October and what better time then now to get out and visit some of these harvest parties and local farms. Buying or purchasing local supports your immediate economy and helps many of these independent workers to support their hard working families. It will spread appreciation on so many levels. You might not like pumpkin spice creamer and thats fine!

Regardless, they’ll stay busy gathering every other crop , canning, and storing and pressing cider for you and I to enjoy. I myself do not know what it is to wake up with the sun and plow the land, day in and day out,  save a small garden in my back yard, where it’s  hard enough to get a little corn or squash to give way. Lets support farming life folks! After all; we are country and we are playing music with the roots DEEP in the Red Dirt. JJ here with this edition of the Morning Cup- Re-Cap and with that, Y’all have a good one!

-Jeri James, station owner, host

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