God and Johnny Cash

September 28, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there, JJ with Red Dirt Roots Radio. Thanks for tuning in for today’s Morning Cup Re-Cap. You can place a hashtag in front of the Friday Feeling and  In case you missed the Live Broadcast, have no fear or tear; I’LL  let you know in a nut shell what we talked about.

This morning we visited Cody Johnson’s Profile. Cody can be described in the former as a bull rider, and in the latter a well known and popular Texas Country Super Star.

Cody grew up in a tiny little town across the rail road tracks where the sounds of HanK,  the Hag and Willy could be heard ringing out yonder from a little honky tonk bar in the distance. These melodies wandered their way into Cody’s heart and stirred up his inner gift and calling to the point he had to put his bull riding skills to the test and chase the wild musical dream instead.  That’s right; he is an adrenaline junky , not apologizing for his opinion and making sure people know exactly who he is. Be sure to check out our facebook page @grittyredguitar for Cody’s description of his latest love song written to his wife, bringing honor to the woman who has stood behind him on this crazy Red Dirt, Country Road .

I want to tell you about a new song in the Library by Artist Drew Moreland and you can go ahead and classify this ONE  as Country my friend. IT’S CALLED GOD AND CASH AND DREW has a message on his mind OR  a 4 minute sermon for which to park an Amen to . He’s on his soapbox and he says listen up! There’s only 2 things that  in life that will ever last,  THERES ONLY TWO THINGS IN LIFE that have your back…It’s the Lord above and the man in black and he goes as far as to say the rest will lead you straight to Hell. So hey, if you can shout hallelujah , dodge the fiery flames flickering at your feet and so be it. You’re a happy hillbilly today and if that message spreads a wet blanket on your plans; well I can personally cover you; In fact I’ll throw you in the dryer with the next load. Either way, we will get through this journey together!

A little off subject but right on key, That’s me JJ , 5 days a week broadcasting LIVE out the teeny, tiny town of Cottage Grove, from The Great North west, in the beautiful state of Oregon. My brother Jimmy E. says “ It’s not where you are, it’s the state of mind you’re in “ and I couldn’t agree more my friend, especially when it comes to real COUNTRY. PLAYING MUSIC WITH THE ROOTS DEEP IN THE RED DIRT. JERI JAMES HERE WITH THE MORNING CUP RE-CAP AND WITH THAT YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!



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Check out Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TheCodyJohnsonBand/

Check out Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DrewMorelandCountry/?eid=ARB-ijxLGygfx4c5HheANif-2ubEBzkIYj2Z6_PwvWBUl8CoREG-5MUQ8Fs5wFes2DbCRJpgoOIqHstN

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