Better at your Buddies

September 27, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there, my name is Jeri James and I am with red dirt roots radio. I have for you a Morning Cup Re-Cap in case you missed the ramblings and muppet business on the Live show today. Yep, a little off subject, but always right on key, That’s me , JJ spinning music straight out of the heart of Texas, Oklahoma and beyond.

You know it’s always funner at your friends house. Their trampoline jumps higher. Their dog is cuter. They have a better stash of junk-food. It’s just better at your buddies. Or at least it seems that way and their chores are never quite as hard. If you’re anything like me; you like to imagine the grass is greener on the other side. But a word of caution from Mom: No matter where you are, there you and sometimes trolls are hiding out under the bridge next door. So be careful and before you pack your nap sack and take off to the Lone-star State , It’s tempting I know…but you can stay local with online radio. So buckle up  if you’re provoked or curl up comfortably if you’re inspired; either way : we here at Red Dirt Roots Radio are committed  to delivering tremendous red Dirt tunes that will poke you straight in your heart .

You’ll hear the best of the best ; artists like Stoney LaRue, Kody West, Sundance Head just to name a few.

Although,  when you hear a tremendous tune by a band like Flatland Calvary , their unique blend of melody and creative sound really does tug at your curiosity.

Who is that singing you wonder? What am I hearing? That is indeed a fine mix of country, Americana, Blue Grass, Red Dirt all braided fish bone fashion to the point of a purchase. Yep You’ve got to got to buy a hard copy album or their latest single and I can’t blame you. You’re not only keeping musicians in business, mastering new tunes at the local studio but you’re putting bread and butter in their mouths and shoes on their children’s feet. My friends, wait til you hear this delicious bio. Head on over to Flatland Calvary on facebook.

And I quote:

At some point between Lubbock and Midland, the land shifts from endless cotton rows and rich farmland into pump jacks and mesquite tree filled pastures. Lubbock roots-country outfit Flatland Cavalry straddles that line between the Panhandle and the badlands of West Texas with their bright, earthy country ballads and gritty folk ramblers. Vocalist and chief songwriter Cleto Cordero’s honest, smooth songwriting revolves around the vernacular world of West Texas that he’s constructed with dusty, sun-soaked character sketches, brooding self-evaluations, and candid love songs that all have the ability to turn into singalong anthems.

And I’m not going to  lie, I find myself singing along with these humble folks so let’s put a score on the board for Flatland Calvary in the Artist Spotlight here on this edition of the Morning Cup Re-Cap.

Another honorable mention today goes to the Huser Brother Band, an up and rising name out of the Lone-star State. You can check them out on and enjoy a little Texas Rock if thats your cup a tea on a Thursday, September 27th, This is Jeri James. You can find us on the web at as well as social media sites like Twitter @reddirtrootstx and  @grittyred guitar on fb and though we are on instagram and snapchat; you won’t find much until I get a teenager to volunteer social media services for  those websites since they are new to me and I’m a little old fashioned. Either way, I’ll keep you in the loop on the latest and greatest when it comes to the real heart of country. we are spinning music with the roots Deep in the Red Dirt. With That, y’all have a good one!!!


Jeri James

(station host, owner )

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