Are Musical Goose Bumps for Real?

September 26, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there, this is JJ with the Morning Cup Re-Cap. In case you missed the Live Broadcast this morning; I will summarize a bit of our discussion. We took the time to zoom in on an artist by the name of Randall King.  After playing his latest single Mirror Mirror. His voice demands attention and he’s one to watch as he sails to the top of not only Texas Charts but the whole country will surely be rubbernecking in Randall’s direction before long at his rate of progress.

Randall King is a 4th generation hay hauler and daddy wasn’t going to let him sing his way out of it. In fact; he was thrown to the back of the suburban  or 86ed for his constant singing. Dad finally gave up fighting for peace and quiet  and put him into singing and guitar lessons from the time he was 7 years old.

One motivator for Randall to keep pressing in musically speaking was when his guitar instructor Rick was tragically injured at a cotton gin and what a nightmare for a seasoned guitarist to lose his middle and ring finger. Randall witnessed the tenacity of his instructor however who could no longer lead by example yet Rick hung in there for the love of music and the sake of his students and taught the class using charts as a visual for finger placement on the acoustic. Randall King in the Artist Spotlight this morning on the Morning Cup Re-cap.

This morning on the Live Broadcast, we listened to Solo’s , Duet’s and Trio’s but most powerful of all in my opinion was Chris and Morgan Stapleton singing the Lullabye You are my Sunshine.

I wondered if the goose bumps  on my arms were in response to  the season changing from summer to fall or if it was the rich combo of voices and melody triggering this reaction.

So I looked it up. Yep research nerd here and proud of it.Are goosebumps from Music a real thing? Heres what had to say about it.

Scientists have found that the pleasurable experience of listening to music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain important for more tangible pleasures associated with rewards such as food, and drugs

This innovative study, using a novel combination of imaging techniques, reveals that the anticipation and experience of listening to pleasurable music induces release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter vital for reinforcing behavior that is necessary for survival. The study also showed that two different brain circuits are involved in anticipation and experience, respectively: one linking to cognitive and motor systems, and hence prediction, the other to the limbic system, and hence the emotional part of the brain. These two phases also map onto related concepts in music, such as tension and resolution.

So there ya have it Goosebumps from Music ARE real. You’ll get a few, let me tell you when you’re listening to this station right here on Red Dirt Roots Radio. We’re playing music with the roots DEEP IN THE RED DIRT. JJ here with this edition of the Morning Cup Re-Cap. And you be sure to have a good onE!!!

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