The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie

September 21, 2018
Jeri James Music

Things that make a man or woman mad.

For my dad; he had a lot of pet peeves.

One of them was chewing sounds. He must have had an extra hair in his ear that normal slurping sounds would trigger. So he kept the radio on for several years straight without a break for meals. We never heard the clinking of forks and we did our darnedest not to smack or slurp while eating spaghetti.

Do you have a pet Peeve? Well Tyler Chillders did at the 2018 Americana fest When they mispronounced his name and by the looks of that fiery colored hair; I’d say he might have a temper to go right along with Irish, english, or Scottish genes. I can’t prove any of that but all I’m saying is I can relate.

One things for certain though , Tyler is a passionate artist and he’s nailing notes and keys and melodies and wearing heart on sleeve for you and me.

Is that any surprise? It shouldn’t be from Deep in the red dirt and speaking of Red, the devil is not always dressed in shiny spandex material with a spike tail. In fact after listening to Cody defending the fact that he’s not the devil ; we set him free and let him off the hook. I mean Cody can’t be the devil based on attire when  he’s a bearded gent in blue jeans and tee shirts. Colter Wall already explained to us what we need be watching for.

The devil wears a suit and tie and he howls.

So there ya go; check every intersection and watch out for this critter.

We had a great time on the Morning Cup today. Talking everything under the sun and then some, just for fun. If you missed the show, have no fear or tear; you can catch the Re-Cap Summary posted Live on fb @grittyredguitar.

Have a safe and fun weekend and with that a good one!


Jeri James

(JJ, RDRR host, owner)

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