The Truck Driving Men Behind this station

September 20, 2018
Jeri James Music

Well, don’t you be getting behind on your log book now! Sawyer Brown made it home along time ago with his hit single Six Days on the Road. Do you realize how many truck driving hearts he won with that song? According to the United States department of Labor , America’s roads are moving right along with just shy of 2 million truck drivers out there.

I used to get mad at those big rigs. I called em road hogs but maybe they were just trying to do their job. Me in my little car , I guess I had a phobia of trying to pass these scary monsters.  I worried I’d be swallowed up under their tires. After a course in bus driving however ; I realized it’s not their fault they are scary; It takes a monster to carry the burdens of the world on wheels.

speaking of wheels; I would like to give a shout out this morning to our main financial support; a log truck driver in the Great North West Mountains by the name of Mr. James. If you see truck 99 rolling by; be sure to wave because he’s a lover of great music and big dreams. These tunes are being brought to you by the humble folks out there working day jobs and supporting families. Another truck driving man behind this station is Mr. Stan Matthews! When he’s not yelling at ladies to put their coffees down and drive straight; he’s Jamming to the classics of Willie Waylon and Cash. Check out Stan Matthews Music on social Media today and be sure to thank him for keeping the dreams of the Indie artist alive and kicking!


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