Doctor, Doctor My Eyes!

September 18, 2018
Jeri James Music

Bleed your soul of sorrows on a Dirt Hurt Tuesday!!!

“Doctor, my eyes tell me what is wrong. Was I unwise to leave them open for so long cause I have wandered through this world and as each moment has unfurled I’ve been waiting to awaken from these dreams. “

Lyrics by Jackson Browne

words perhaps so powerful, they stood the test of time , since written in 1972; we are later reminded of this poetry in motion as Cody Jinks tears up the world with his latest Head Case; buy the album the by the  way; It’s called Lifers.

I felt the need to remove my shoes for the feeling of the hallowed ground in studio this morning. This place of reflection is so  unique that you could almost hold these sound waves in the palm of your hand like a familiar friend. My soul was flooded with emotion as I listened to the sounds of singers , and songwriters  wearing their hearts on their sleeves for you and me. And  vulnerably so. Where would we be without the perfect melody to wrap around our senses?  Where words may  fail as they so often do. It is then that music becomes the universal language we all can appreciate.

If you missed the Live Broadcast, have no fear or tear; I’ll not only be back next Tuesday for Dirt Hurt Tunes, but you can catch my Live show , Monday through Friday from 5-8 am Pacific time. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the Blake Reid Interview; 7 am Pacific; check for information on this spectacular artist and band.

Thanks for tuning in! You be sure to like, share, and follow if indeed you do!!!

-Jeri James

(JJ) owner, dj, Red Dirt Host


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