Go back and Walk

September 17, 2018
Jeri James Music

September 17th, 2018

Morning Cup Re-Cap with JJ

Today’s Living life with a passion.

Have you ever had a teacher make you turn around and  walk because you were running in the halls?   She says, “Go ahead and try that again! “ You were excited I guess but I know not safe. and Ha . I tell my own kiddos to turn around and re-route when they come sprinting into the flower bed. I’m not saying they should be allowed to run through the garden but I know of something worse than  a squished petunia. Gotta be careful not to take  the wind out of anyones sails. In other words, theres the truth in the form of a big fat pill and then theres the lump of sugar to make the medicine go down. You You can go back and walk , save the daisies but don’t lose heart in spite of it all. Stay Happy, stay excited when you can because it’s a long hard road.

Reckless Kelly sings sadly in Sunset Hotel about the same thing that kills you is what’s keeping you alive. Every time I hear that line I think of many an artist trying to believe in themselves when it’s hard to earn a nickel singing or when success is based on likes, follows and at times, people easily scrolling and strolling by without so much as a wink.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My mama repeated it to me and it stuck in my head like it was meant to be I guess…No matter where you are there you are!

We listened to a great song by Ashley Mcbride. The song is called Girl Goin No Where and it’s such an ironic song. You know the whole time you’re listening to the talented vocalist and saying, “You’re some where kid, be happy.” but I get it. She may have had a false allusion like I once did. I seen the masses, the smoke and lights, the glittery blouse, the stage in Nashville. Slowly that vision becomes a unicorn or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A cartoon fantasy when the only thing real is the miniature slinky at the bottom of the box of lucky charms. And no wonder they’re called Lucky charms, your chances were even more slim after mulitple sibblings had their stab at the box.

There are always the doubters that deem and guage success based on “how deep your pockets are” as Tony Ramey once explained to me.  But you do what you’re gunna do whole heartedly every day. Don’t join the monotone of brown sweaters and 7th period science class- falling asleep while your teacher underlines your failing grade .

Wake up musician! Get Excited again!  Maybe you’re tired of the same old songs you’ve been playing for years. Well, it’s time to shake out the set list ya know. You’ll wonder why you hung on to that tattered garment for so long. Country Roads is a good song but you’re wearing it out and you  gotta eliminate some of the crusty and stagnant repeats. Time for a new selection. Try your own hand at writing a tune or two and if you need some great covers, just think campfire songs like country roads, or something by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Fishin’ in the dark. You can’t go wrong. Stand up, stretch yourself, swollow your pride and start back at square one. Turn around and try it again! This time with a little pep in your step and throw in a barrel roll!

Have a good one!


(Jeri James, station owner, Red Dirt Host)

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