Well Said Series: Amy Markstahler



Hello Amy, Welcome Back to the program!

Well, it’s a pleasure to have you on Red Dirt Roots Radio and I do thank you not only for joining us today but also for your support as a Red Dirt Insider! Amy is not only a writer but she loves to get out and see a concert of two or three and who are some of your favorite artists on the station?

Q: Amy on this station I like to emphasize to the listener how important it is to support the starving artist! Now thats many a songwriter and author! In music we buy hard copies, bumper stickers, buttons and Cuzzi’s and we attend a few shows, stuff a pickle jar with tips, etc. Can you tell me if there is a parrallell with Indie authors? I mean , how can we show support. (Catch the Live Interview …)

(Live Interview : Jeri James , Amy Markstahler)

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