The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

September 13, 2018
Jeri James Music

The Little Station that Could

September 13, 2018

Do you still call him Darlin ? Does he still call you babe? Well I hope so because in a life where you work out ; That’ll  be  the ticket to happiness. (According to a tremendous band you may love and follow) Flatland Calvery. 

And do you call it country , southern rock or blues? How about Americana? Yep it is not only the cheapest coffee on the menu but music wise ,  it’s the accompaniment to some of the best country around! 

Thats the kind of Red Dirt we are all into around here! It’s not over produced and cluttered, you can hear the words and get your senses ignited! 

Speaking of story, have I got one for you! Ladies , how would you like to have your hubby managing you when it comes to your work ? Well, it might be a pill to swollow for some of you but also could  be just what you need to add the cutting edge to your already talented perspective. When held to flame;  a sooty coal can blossom into a diamond and thats the story of the Gibbonsens. 

Head on over to the  this duo is driving Americana! Yep Brandon Loves his Jackie. The text  says he whipped her into shape and became her management . I wonder if he might argue by now and claim that her melodic voice and beauty truly reeled him in from the get go.

Either way, this pair is making their mark together as they venture out creating new Americana music for our endearment. Wait a go you too. Your love is a bonfire reaching skies country wide! 

JJ’s Coffee n’ Thoughts + music straight out of the Red Dirt: Interesting morning in studio.

Had a great time listening to Real Country, Southern Rock, & Americana. Nothing new there, but a fly -flew-in. Wouldn’t you know, it’s what they do! They start wars and rumors of wars and after about an hour and 40 minutes of that “buzz”, a fly swatter was finally delivered to me and that was the end of the story! Not to mention I took some of the paint off the wall. Certain things in life were designed to annoy and there is nothing lovely about these seething, little germs.

Camera troubles ? check.

A muted mic. Check.

It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can run, but you can’t hide on social media LIVE. Enjoy the reCap with me faking to make this happen but never the less, Nothing new under the sun and no matter where ya are…there ya are…At least that’s what my mama told me and she said she loved me all the way down to her boogety shoes so that’s a good thought to land on , and …I aint no fly! But I am hoping you can pick and glean from outstanding tunes and take what you can get for a little vision each day. “Thinkin’ Man’s Music” May all your senses be ignited and set your feet to dancing ! With love, from the Little studio that Could. -JJ

October Rose Music The Gibbonses Flatland Cavalry

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