A Sad day indeed…


September 11, 2018

A sad day indeed…

Tuesday ReCap of the Morning Cup with JJ

As Shellee Coley would say the “Not so celebrated parts of life.” Or Brent Cobb, “Tabs on me if you think I’m lying but laughing aint a pleasure til you know about crying .” or Stapleton “You can’t hate or hurt when you don’t feel at all” and Jinks “Blues are just a way to show that you still feel.”

JJ here on a Dirt Hurt Tuesday. 

I used to think that certain powerful musicians were little g -god types. Like they were somehow a cut above humanity; Perhaps exempt from hurts habits and hang ups. They look so together and sound even more so .

Far be it from the truth as you run down the history of artists out there, that struggled with addiction, depression and other downfalls sometimes costing them their career , other times costing them their lives. 

Oh please don’t go there, one might beg. Yet it’s the truth that sets us free and all we have to do is open our eyes and look at the numbers. There is war itself with suicide. When a man or woman sits so low -in a tough time- that they could question their very existence?

Buckle in and try to stay put I would muster as I struggle for words. Please remember,  asking for help is a sign of strength. Might do us some good to take Grandma’s advice ; This too shall pass.

I’m  thankful for the seasons, the falling of the leaves after a long hot summer in the Great North West. Lord knows I’d be bored with the same scenery year round. I’d have to listen to more music to create another world. 

I’m no commercial artist. Just little me, writing my songs for the love of music. But I have come to the conclusion that whether you’re a big star or a little man on the totem pole, you’re still important and all of us are created equal.

We are just these little specs of humanity on the seashore and we don’t need the web to make us relevant though we try to use it as a tool. The web is just an outsource and signal fire of life trying to communicate, trying to be heard. 

But check this out.  I used to dream of going all the way to the top until I realized that it’s not the peak of a mountain that one should be the focused on. It’s the journey in between . That could be as far as my back yard. But the question is; what am doing with the little tid bits provided here and there along the way. 

We often caffeinate to speed up our brain on a slow and groggy morning and  I love my coffee don’t get me wrong! Black and rich , hot and strong but I gotta be careful not to move too fast. You know, slow down and enjoy the moment I’m in. Especially knowing as Cody might say in his song  “There are no guarantees” and we are not promised tomorrow let alone our next breath. 

 So I’m a blessed woman to spend my morning time in a little tiny studio where sounds and words “hoist me up” as written on the pages of the book I’m reading called “All the Light we Cannot see.”   Whether I’m talking to 1, 10 or a million; this little fire I built today might be for you and I hope to provide a little light and a little warmth for any that care to glean and benefit. 

Broadcasting Live from the Little Station  that could , remembering the fallen today a sad day in history but as a whole we can become stronger and find common ground or maybe a universal language any soul could understand. 

Taps for the fallen…

Jeri James , RDRR Host/ owner

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