Friday Morning Cup Re-Cap 9-7-18

September 7, 2018
Jeri James Music

Good Morning to you  on a Friday September 7th and I hope you got the coffee on and if not I hope it’s brewing now because I have a Morning Cup Re Cap to go right along with your Java. My name is Jeri James by the way and you are listening to Red Dirt Roots Radio. If you are new to the program you may wonder where we are from and what we are all about. Feel free to check out for information on the station as well as find us on the web on facebook at gritty red guitar, as well as Twitter @reddirtrootstx and if you have questions, comments or inquiries, please send me and email to

If you missed the broadcast the morning, have no fear or tear . I’ll go over briefly what we covered and keep you deep in the Red Dirt Loop. 

We listened to artist Pat Green who dealt with all kinds of accusations from friends and die hard fans while he was touring with the big wigs. They said he was selling out to a commercial meat grinding industry and big record labels. He eventually returned to his roots and decided it was too hard to continue producing at that level of demand. He has been  living by his own set of rules since then, musically speaking, and quite comfortable producing songs at his own pace and in the wild as they come naturally to him. Way to go Pat Green and you be sure to check him out on for more information on his touring schedule as well as a reminder of the. Bands in town app on fb. 

On this mornings show, we featured some Red Dirt favorite artists and guess who got back to back plays? Well of course leader of the pack Cody Jinks! Did you know he was formerly a heavy metal thrasher? Yes and  selected him as best artist of the year ; is it any surprise with that phenomenal Album ‘I’m not the Devil’. Yet What’s old to some remains relevant in my book with legendary & Timeless Tunes coming straight out of the heart of Texas with folks like Mr. Jinks. And btw, Have you heard his new album Lifer’s ? “Ooh To Get to you “ he just might; it’s what he does best  in tunes like ‘7th Floor’. 

More Back to back tunes this morning came from Country super star Trace Adkins in songs with respect like Arlington and Still a Soldier. Some called Arlington a controversial Tune but Trace stood his ground for something he believed and he continued to emphasize Thankfulness as his comeback. Way to support our troops and those paying the price for freedoms such as radio which I so enjoy today. And Semper Fi to my own on a Friday right here on Red Dirt Roots Radio . 

Thank you for tuning in and Happy Friday! 

-your Red Dirt Host, 

Jeri James aka JJ

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