Morning Cup Re-Cap ; Thursday, September 6, 2018

September 6, 2018
Jeri James Music

Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys and watch out; if they end up too inspired; they’ll be eyeballing’ the tractor before their yet 5 years old! 

We played an audio of Life according to Little Jake Boone and he still thinks Cowboys are Kings as Blake Reid sings it so well. In fact if I’m not mistaken little Jake is quite the buckaroo himself and he especially likes Cowboy toys like Gooseneck Trailers! iCheck out Jake’s Custom flatbed on Red Dirt Roots Radio fb page. 

Bad Time to be a Good ole Boy by Jeff Dugan

Mack Minute singing God Fearing Cowboy 

AJ either has a good battery or a better charger because he’s unstoppable. He’s singing accapella tunes for days and he don’t give up! He just keeps on keeping’ on. Way to go Mr. Mack. Hats off to ya and a morning toast from Red Dirt Roots Radio. 

I posted a link on @ reddirtrootstx when about a teen dance coming up featuring artists like Jake Ward Restless with a musical thorn in his side not to mention Randall King tugging’ on your heartstrings and Co Jo! Yes , you heard me ! Cody Johnson type Cowboys, bull riders and barbed wire men like Deryl Dodd , playlist ready at the Coupland Dance Hall in Eat. Drink. Dance. Stay a Little Longer.   Legendary Texas Dance Hall, Steak House,  BBQ Joint and 7 Room B & B.    30 miles from Austin/Bastrop/Georgetown.  Hwy 95 between Elgin and Taylor.   We Dance at Coupland..bring yer boots.

Please visit our fb link @grittyredguitar and consider helping friends of mine Recently affected by Tropical Storm Gordon in Kansas. Thank you.

That’s a wrap on today’s Morning Cup Re-Cap. With that, y’all have a good one!

Jeri James

(jj)owner, Red Dirt Host

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