Wednesday ReCap of the Morning Cup

September 5, 2018
Jeri James Music

Royalties: I used to think of royalties  as being royal . Digital royalties are laughable though  in May cases, unless an artist has an enormous following. There are some Independent musicians making it just fine out there  and eventually,  labels want them and even allow them to sing what they choose for the most part. Such as Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks, Sturgil Simpson , Wade Bowen to name just a few that have hurtled and conquered the thresh hold, up stream all the way. 

Dad used to say if we cashed in on his hit songs we would be sitting pretty, eating high on the hog, owning a house on a hill. We wondered what was taking so long to cash in , while our stomach’s growled and we felt the chill coming through the paper thin walls. I guess Dad needed to sign up for the ‘bands in town app’. If he had been signed up with that, his fans could figure out how to get  to his shows whenever  he was playing and help support a starving musical family! Our bread would have been sliced a little thicker and it may have put some padding on our ribcages if not , the walls of a small recording studio where he needed to get in and release singles or a new album all together.

Instead, his talented poetry, sat unjustly in notebooks and the sun went down on an old man’s dreams. That’s sad, that’s a true story and I ain’t even reading the lyrics of a country song.

So get out there to a live show, stuff the tip jar,  and buy some merchandise . Its’ the bread and butter for the artist so they can stay alive and feed their families too! 

If an artist is spun 50x on a commercial webcast or radio program, they are paid less than 12 cents a month from a program that tried hard to support them. And that’s at most , which is basically less than a penny a spin.  What can you buy for 12 cents ? Sheesh. If you are leaning on royalties to support yourself; you might be a struggling artist, to say the least. 

After playing a favorite new song on the station called 1963; it occurred to me who our Special Artist of the day would be assigned to. Mrs. Kayla Ray! She is an emerging artist straight out of the Lone Star state. She released a record called Yesterday and Me, which by the way we have here,  right in the Red Dirts Library for our listening entertainment and it is our  pleasure to share such a phenomenal work of production.

She is working the music circle,  with some of Red Dirt country’s most coveted artists ; such as Jamie Lyn , Courtney Patton, and Jason Eady. 

Of course it does no good to name names without playing some of the amazing tunes to go right along. So , if you were listening to  this morning’s broadcast  of the Live show, you were blessed and privileged to hear  songs like ‘Cry Pretty’ by Jason Eady; ‘So this is life’ by Courtney Patton and ‘ Just like a heart ache’  by Mrs. Jamie Lin. Fitting to say congratulations to Mrs. Jamie on the new addition to the family!And to go right along with this bundle of joy , she has a brand new EP out, and available  now ! (

And concluding this morning Cup ReCap; y’all have a good one! 

Jeri James

(JJ) Red Dirt Host/Owner

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