September 4th ReCap:

September 4, 2018
Jeri James Music

Well, Howdy there folks! Here’s the re-cap of Today’s show!

Hank was drinking enough whiskey for all of us on Dirt Hurt Tuesday, while I worked on my second cup of coffee.

Stephen calls it the Trifecta of Pain when you play three Hanks in a row; You’ll need a hanky and a hand if you get too upset and you’ll be crying tears in your tea or coffee on a a typical Tuesday around these parts. That was Hank Williams, Hank Williams, Jr. and the third.

Bleeding the wound with sad sad tunes like whiskey and you by Chris Stapleton.

Why the sad Tunes? Well you got to get your crying out before your feet can set to dancing!

Is it any surprise Chris is one of country music’s most decorated Artists  int the way of music 2018? Grammy’s and awards, left and right and I’d be worried if you didn’t know of such a man as Mr. Stapleton.

Corner of Remembering:

Red Dirt Legend : Brandon Jenkins

We played Be the Revival

And following this song; we  played Stoney singing another Brandon Jenkins original : Feet Don’t Touch The Ground. Details on the complications of Brandon’s heart history can be found on

Special Artist of the day: We spun ‘Same old Lovers’ which led me to check up on Shellee Collee and find out what she’s up to this year in music. Shellee has such a unique angle and perspective in all that she does and I’m not surprised to read that she is creating a new journey for her listeners; one that can provide healing and transformation , including a visual on her website Red  Tree Music Group is the name of the Independent label that picked Shellee up along the way to help her release each song “Chapter by chapter” or one at a time in a customized fashion.

The link is up and available to check out on @grittyredguitar, fb, our Red Dirt Roots Radio fb page. Again if you’re a facebook user just hit @grittyredguitar and Red Dirt Roots Radio should pop up.

New Music aboard the Tunes Loader and climbing easily up the ladder: Cody Sparks in his song  13 folds ! Wow! What  a beautiful tune as well as hot off the press . The Chad Cooke Band : Whatever it takes . Brief background on a quick success and man who picked up the guitar at age 20 and hasn’t put it down since.

And there you have a summary of today’s 3 hour broadcast. I am Jeri James, broadcasting Live out of the Great North West, Monday through Friday, 5 am- 8am Pacific.

Thank you for listening to the Little Station That Could. We can, we are, we will and we IS- ! ! …because of folks like you! Like, share , and follow; if indeed you do! With that, y’all have a good one!!!

Jeri James



Red Dirt Host, Independent Online Radio Owner

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