Recap of Today’s Morning Cup

August 30, 2018
Jeri James Music

On today’s show we talked about artists like Turnpike Troubadours who know how to pack out a house , even turning folks away because of sold out shows. And if you don’t know about the Turnpike Troubadours; that’s ok, it’s alright, I will bring you up to speed and drop you smack dad in the center of the loop. 

I was talking with people about songwriters. Jamey Johnson writes a tremendous tune called Thats why I write songs and he says so many powerful things in that song but to me ;  this line -stands out the most

“You know most songwriters they don’t ever get any fame

Most people don’t even recognize their names

But chances are, you probably sang along”

For example artists like Keith Gattis who wrote a song that Mr. Kenny Chesney sings ‘El Cerrito Place. You may have heard that one from the main stream Commercial selection. Yet You may have never known that Keith Gattis wrote that tune because you were mesmerized by phenomenal vocals delivered by Kenny Chesney. But lets not forget the ground work! Like the writer on that particular tune again Keith Gattis. Check him out on social media. He’s a great artist to follow and know of . And that’s what we love to do here on Red Dirt Roots Radio is to focus on the work from the ground up, primarily Independent Artists! 

So many of these folks on the station, working so hard even alongside their day jobs and blue collar budgets but hey like Cody Jinks says, it don’t matter how much you make, aint none of us gettin’ out of this place a live and Blue Collar or White, he still calls em friends! 

Hopefully  Keith  will still call me a friend after I possibly slaughtered his name. You know that was a worry and potential concern when I first started Artist Spotlight with Red Dirt Roots Radio while it was cranking out of Conroe under Jimmy’s care. You see the Native Texans can smell a rat if you aren’t one of them and go off and slaughter the name of one of their very own well known songwriters. She’s not one of us and (next thing I’m dodging javolyn ; and heading for the hills. )

Yep and  that’s me , JJ right here  in the Willamette Valley, Broadcasting out of the Great North West , from the Teeny Tiny Town of Cottage Grove in the the teeny tiny, Little station that could! 

Be sure to Like share and follow on social media if indeed you do with your friends, family, loved ones  near and dear , next of Kin and I’ll bring you in, drop you in the Red Dirt Loop and bring you up to speed with some of the Legendary Country roots that sets your soul free and feet to dancing!!! 

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