It aint over til…

Why do you think Otis Redding couldn’t do what 10 people told him to do? Why was he resting his lonely bones and “wasting time” on the dock of the bay? Was he being a bum?
I believe he was plagued with a musical indwelling…
You know…
The driving loneliness that a partner or room full of souls can never fill or satisfy.
The Call.
Like the dog separated from the pack.
Only this time it’s another shot…at another song.
Another key to unlocking another bound up soul…
Targeted, Powerful, Specific Therapy
The kind that only Music can offer…
All he could do was cry out in Melody
…from his own unique perspective.
Only one him.
Only one you.
So keep on singing. Keep writing. Keep tuning it up and dialing it in.
Keep on Keeping on.
-P.S. It aint over til…well you know how that one goes.

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