The Little Station That Could

Have you heard the music on this station?

Amazing, I tell you! Independent artists working hard, refining melodies, creating profound and relevant lyrics ; and applying themselves to the the work and commitment involved in promoting fantastic Country, Red Dirt Music.

Most of the folks you hear singing; are raising families, working day jobs and doing what they have to do to preserve their passions as well as fulfill the everyday obligations and responsibilities well known to the blue collar man.

The idea of a luxury, life of fame is smiled upon for those that have been chipping away at least decades or more, at this musical endeavor. Many a realist will tell you sparkles and fairy dust do not mark the way to melodic security.

How’s about making ends meet ? …and staying afloat is worthy of a standing Ovation!
It’s blood, sweat, tears and delay. It is faith for that which is unseen, yet greatly hoped for. It is a flaming desire to be heard in an exciting world of over stimulation. Individuals inundated with a thousand streams leading to the Ocean; yet the Ocean is never full, nor satisfied.

It takes radical, devotion and tenacity to the point of burn out and “flat-lining.”
“You cancelled your plans; you laid it down; you hung it up a time or two. You backed over your guitar. You swore you were through. …and yet you up and somehow revived; with that same familiar thorn in your side; and the drive to try; and try again.” (Jeri James Music)

A famous country, Western author Zane Grey once asked the profound question: “Would we try so hard if the veil of the future were removed?”

Will Hoge and Eric Pasley sum it up with a song well known and covered by the Eli Young Band “Even if it breaks your heart”
…That is…”Keep on Dreamin’, even if it breaks your heart.”

We all know the story “ The Little Engine that could,” right?
Well, the little engine did conquer the Hill of opposition by repeating the phrase “I think I can; I think I can…” So I’d like to help the many “Little Engines” out there in the Red Dirt and Beyond by sending out the word on outstanding; one of a kind music!

“This is JJ with Red Dirt Roots Radio; can I get a copy? ….over”




article written by Jeri James

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