Red Dirts 2018

Hey there, JJ here with Red Dirt Roots Radio!

What IS in store for the little station that could in 2018? Will radio promotions from this unique platform continue?

Good Question and BIG question!!!! At this point all commercial tunes are being removed from the station? Why? Blanket Licensing is overwhelming and it is time to renew for 2018!  It takes advertisements to help this along. 2017 brought in only 2 advertisements between March and December! Part of the reason for this outcome , may be due to the fact that small business folks will not or ARE NOT able to take a chance on  investing their own limited finances into other new companies like Red Dirts; especially if they are investing all they can into their own works. Many of our musicians dedicate all of their time and talent,  scrimping  and saving to stay afloat in their personal endeavors. Countless hours were dedicated to LIVE DJ material, interviews, podcasts and Artist Spotlights. THAT alone was the passion and heartbeat of the station. I thank God for the opportunity and year that I had to dedicate to this cause. However; without advertisements; this is an out of pocket expense for me as an owner  and near impossible for our family currently.  I have taken a side job currently to help meet the needs of my own family and the season has come to an end at least for now anyway for this proactive station.

I want to specifically thank Hood Co Swagger on for your continued financial support and keeping the station on the air for the last few months not to mention donating to the overhead cost since Last year.  Other friends of the station include Amy Markstahler, Stephen Hughes, Stan Matthews, and A. Alico  just to name a few of the folks who financially supported so many of our wonderful artists; not to mention giving of time and talent to keep the station running with spark and flame!

Back to the question of keeping Red Dirt Roots Radio on the Air… Indie artists may be the only consideration at this point. So please don’t stop sending your genuine country tunes in MP3 or .wav format to the Red Dirts Email provided below.

A Total Review IS in motion and God Willing; we WILL be able to creatively meet the needs, count the cost and check into a more sufficient way to run the station. It may be up to the Artists! I will consider a funding campaign to keep the station on the air but until further notice; this station will run at a hobbyist level and may not continue outsourcing through third party

For more information and updates; continue to check and @reddirtrootstx. You can personally contact me through and this website will be available through 2018 unless otherwise notified.


Thank You for your support and please- have a successful 2018 in all that you strive for! Please keep doing all you can do to support those musicians you truly value and believe in!!


Jeri James

aka (jj)

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