So Far…Still going…


Live Broadcasts , Artist Spotlights, Interviews with Artists and Live Lunch Hour with JJ …made up the history of this little tiny station. This station is family owned and operated and the beauty of Independence is having the freedom to make adjustments as Life throws obstacles our direction. Sometimes those obstacles can be overwhelming when a loved one is diagnosed with a health condition; when a person is injured or sick; or when a tragedy strikes. The good news about the bad news is that things really can work together for the good of them who believe! And…We are a believing family! Faith in Christ through the storms of life!

I’m hoping and praying 2018 provides new and exciting direction for the Little Station that could; Red Dirt Roots Radio! Changes are being made day by day as I  focus attention on top priorities and count the cost; holding all things in prayer first knowing how much is out of my control with the time, energy and finances necessary to uphold this station.  It seemed impossible to keep RDRR on the air through the past month  but something told me not to chalk it up or call it a day so fast for this work. In fact another donation came in as the station was notified of suspension.

I want this station to be a light house playing music with message, meaning, hope and life. I want this station to be a place artists can stop and refuel. an easy tune in while they’re over the road and away from loved ones and the fellowship of those folks in their corner that keep them powering on!

I want to encourage you whoever you are and wherever you are not to give up! No matter what stands in your way. Search your soul and be absolutely true to yourself. Don’t worry about who you’ll please and who you’ll let down- just let Love Rule in your hearts as the divine Bottom line and everything will add up to where you’re supposed to be.

And one more thing; when it’s not adding up; when it’s total chaos; when it’s all wrong and you know it; the cool thing that you always have left is hope. If you can only believe in a master design; in a plan and a Planner; you can be a prayer away from that first step in a new direction toward your final destination.

It’s a tough world. A tough life. But you got this. Never, EVER give up!


Friend and owner of RDRR



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