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That’s right, Good ole Freddie was on the ‘Pick me up for lunch’ LIVE DJ HOUR today and filled me in on the Hurricane Harvey aftermath in Texas. He praises the people for being TEXAS STRONG and lending helping hands to any life that matters and no politically correct agendas~! You need a boat, a blanket, a lift, a meal: it don’t matter if you’re black, white, purple or PINK – you matter and help is on the way if by any means possible.

Folks out there with homes beyond repair ; some sitting in 4-5 feet of water and ironically no water to drink in given areas where distributing sources or water plants are down. This means contamination! The influx of need is beyond major relief organizations and Texans are the kind of people who get jobs done ,  rolling up their own sleeves to go out and get dirty if necessary. Freddie has been serving in make shift kitchens some 800 people a night and moving furniture for neighbors or helping elderly with phone calls or anything he can possibly do to provide aid to those around him in distress. He will see to it that your donations get to the local assembly and the goods are delivered directly. He is committed to recovery and wants to let you know, YOU can also  help.: Send donations to the platform listed below and Freddie will personally commit to the supplies reaching their destination. This address is an option if you would like to send a package yourself without the tape of other programs : You can confirm receipt by contacting Freddie at  . IMG_5863

As Far as Life Straws are concerned and Clean Water: I have personally purchased and tested the Life Straw and $20.00 is not a lot of money providing a person in need with up to 260 gallons of 99.999 % clean water!!!!! check out for more information.


Freddie says that a great place to purchase gift cards for redemption in stores in his area will help to serve Clean up efforts such as Lowe’s , Home Depot and Walmart.  Cleaning Supplies are expensive to send , yet still on the hot list ; so gift cards are a convenient option . You can send these gift cards to the mailing address previously mentioned and listed as : IMG_5863

FullSizeRender (2) .                             FullSizeRender (1)                    FullSizeRender (4)  If you would like to hear a capture of today’s interview, you can click on Podcasts and download a free copy courtesy of the James Family of The Great North West.


Mr. Pate says if you can’t do anything, please pray and send your prayers to Texas in their state of Emergency. God Bless You and Yours!!!


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