No Need for a Red Carpet in The Red Dirt

Have you ever seen the rain? Willie and Paula have been known to ask and sing it Oh-so-eloquently.

Yet, Brent Cobb on the other hand says “Aint it funny how a little thunder, makes a man start to wonder, should he swim or just go under…”

He goes on to say “Shine on Rainy Day.”

There will always be the Shadow of doubt without effort…

It starts with an idea. An idea turns into an action; an action turns into a creation;

A creation produces more economy, more ideas, more fruitfulness.

Or it flops.

It fails to produce…fails to grow;

fails to thrive.

I’m not one to suffer long if I have a choice…

I’m committed to try new things, to venture out to make things work or change the course.

However, I believe in the future of this station.

These songs speak for themselves. No need for a red carpet in the Red Dirt.

This is music with the roots running deep, honoring, preserving, remembering.

The farm is not for sale.

The baby will not be thrown out out with the bath water.

If you love  Real Country, Texas Rock, Soul and the likes; if you have original music such as mentioned;

send me an MP3 or wav file to

for a chance to dance in the dirt with the fine and famed

With folks of fury and grit;

a passion untamed; a music in the wild;

captured for your amazement,

released in the form of a torch; pass it on.



RDRR (owner/host)


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