Not sinking the Ship, Adjusting the Sails instead

JJ here with Red Dirt Roots Radio checking in today to give you an update on some redirection happening here at the station. So when I started my journey in radio; I began with Music Commentary called Artist Spotlights. These spotlights could take up to 2 hours to build and once I advanced to better software, up to 3 hours. Makes no sense; why better software and yet it’s taking longer. Simply because I went from an IPhone App to actual podcasting gear and editing software. Stepped up the audio sound a bit and brought on more of a cutting edge towards professionalism if you will.


I’ve been shying away from Artist Spotlights slowly because of the length of time it takes to research, record, edit and bounce. I love Music Commentary and feel like that is an area of strength for me but I cannot give extra time to it right now because I am running the Red Dirt Project solo. If I could hire out tech support I would , but as a baby station; a new development; everything I do is on a volunteer basis anyway; so hiring is not an option.

All to say, the best option is to reduce the number of Spotlights so the quality is not compromised due to lack of time.

Artist Spotlights/music Commentary will now be a special feature on Thursdays Only along with Mack Minutes.

Thank you for your patience with these changes.

Jeri James


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