In the Red and I don’t mean Red Dirt

First off, Thank you for your patience as I seek direction and advice for the radio station this week. I knew when I accepted responsibility for the station; I would also be assuming the risk and I accepted that risk to my  personal finances. As many of you know; when you venture out in a business; you do not get paid by the hour; nor on Fridays! Instead, you pay! As one Financial guru would put it, You have to crawl before you walk.

I have no problem investing in something I believe in as long as it’s there to invest. However; At this point, I am in the Red and I don’t mean Red Dirt!

Why put that on your audience? The glaring elephant in the room for this radio station  is overhead cost. I have met 60% of the total due so far. I don’t know that I want to run a station on donations or pledge driving the audience.

What I do have to offer is Advertising. Red Dirt Roots Radio can build an ad through outsourcing voice personality with a man who has 34 years experience in broadcasting; not to mention a knack for off the cuff creativity. We can do this for a $100 flat rate and from there, we are offering 5 spins a day , 7 days a week for another $100- That means $200 total out the door price for a 28 day period!  Advertisements normally take care of overhead and offer a little profit but no ads are currently running. This is to be expected with a new business like Red Dirt Roots Radio; not even 1 year old. many do not want to take the risk of running an with an  undeveloped station and still yet  a modest number of followers.

Therefore, the music really must do the talking. We have so much talent wrapped up in this great station; I have no doubt about it’s worth in priceless therapy to many thankful listeners. It’s time to press in…I believe this thing can fly and if you want to get behind a growing business; I can’t tell you how amazed I would be to see that support. I try to be semi-transparent to my audience and let you know what is going on behind the scenes or when I’ve got a bad case of the blues; however this time it’s more serious folks; I got the blues and I’m in the Red…Holy Moly I’m turning into a Flying Purple People Eater!


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