The Little Station that could…

There will always be the Shadow of doubt without effort…

But it takes some character to “Shine on Rainy Days” As Brent Cobb might put it.

It starts with an idea. An idea turns into an action; an action turns into a creation; a creation produces more economy, more ideas, more fruitfulness.

Or it flops. It fails to produce…fails to grow; fails to thrive.

I’m not one to suffer long if I have a choice…I’m committed to try new things, to venture out to make things work or change course.

However, I believe in the future of this station.

Right now, I’m reaching out because  I’m up against a host of bills this radio station has to pay in order to cover our licensing and royalty requirements. We have met 3/5 2016/2017 requirements. The James family here in Oregon is dedicated and committed to see these things through out of our own personal finance if we can and we are working hard to respond to every detail; taking responsibility for this station. However, I want to let you know there is a need presenting itself and if you are able to donate in any way shape or form; your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Ways you can help

  1. $20 or more ; JJ will return your contribution with a signed copy of her personal 2014 Indie album;
  2. Run an Ad on this station: $100 to build your commercial Plus $100 more to spin your ad 5x  per day for 28 day cycles  (Outsourced to a voice personality with over 34 years of broadcasting experience Bill L. from Eugene, Oregon) It may be an Album, a single; a product for small business or company
  3. Like, share and follow on social media and spread the word about the station.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if indeed you have;

Please dm me on @reddirtrootstx if interested in helping or send me an email to




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