The Little Station that could…

June 26, 2017
Jeri James Music

There will always be the Shadow of doubt without effort…

But it takes some character to “Shine on Rainy Days” As Brent Cobb might put it.

It starts with an idea. An idea turns into an action; an action turns into a creation; a creation produces more economy, more ideas, more fruitfulness.

Or it flops. It fails to produce…fails to grow; fails to thrive.

I’m not one to suffer long if I have a choice…I’m committed to try new things, to venture out to make things work or change course.

However, I believe in the future of this station.

If you would like to partner together with this station, please consider advertising with us!

Donations are awesome if you would like to help as well …

shop now takes you to secure checkout for donation of your preference

Thank you!

Jeri James

Station Owner/host/dj



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