A. Alico, Author of America’s 84 street Boys

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Emerging Novelist from Queen’s New York!

“With the collapse of the government, America has descended into chaos, and it’s citizens are left to roam the streets…” America’s 84 Street Boys, Author A. Alico.

Check out Mr. Alico’s work online; a powerful poet, a heart of dreams; relentless and determined in every production; accepting no limits or decline. This is  an exciting time in the life of an artist  tapping  into  unique potential as well as depth of character .

A. Alico’s  journey through life is indeed his  daily application in writing. He’s  wasting no material  and continuing to produce exciting and  far reaching results; exploring humanity and providing expression and empathy for the otherwise bottled up emotions and torment we all may battle day in and day out.

This is  an author you can check on  regularly or stop in to find out what’s new. Rarely does he have old or stale material in the fruit bowl or bread basket . Instead, he provides fresh content for his followers ; striving for nothing short of the powerful prize or outcome. Is it not exciting to witness  those around us working the pieces of life together masterfully?

A.Alico’s books :


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Article  by Jeri James


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