Texas Blue Warrant Show

The Texas Blue Warrant Show hosted by Knot Johnny Cash, will air on Thursdays at 8pm CST beginning December 8th.

The Texas Blue Warrant Show will be a 2 hour show promoting the Rebel, Hellbilly, Outlaw, Texas Red Dirt Country Music Scene.

So…if you like Outlaw music…you don’t want to miss this show!

Texas Blue Warrant Show

Thursdays @8pm CST.

Only on RedDirtRootsRadio.com

Knot Johnny Cash / Texas Blue Warrant Show



One thought on “Texas Blue Warrant Show

  1. Guess it is official ya’ll..
    Jimmy E, aint scared!! He has signed me to a 4 show deal…( to prove this show will work) All u have to do is listen, and hopefully (for my sakke) enjoy the extrely diverse world of Country Music.

    Come hear country like you’ce never heard before, laugh, cry, stomp your feet to the sounds of Rebel, Outlaw, Hellbilly, Texas Red Dirt Country.!!!


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